They’ve found it! They.!!.have.!!.done.!!.it.!!.again.!!.

I’m so glad for America. Yesterday they announced that they now have incontrovertible  evidence that Syria not only has weapons of mass destruction in the form of chemical weapons but has even used them against innocent civilians. The Americans and their allies, the British, have concluded beyond a shred of doubt that Syria needs invading.

Our great black hope, Barack Obama, had once said to the world,’ yes we can’ and we had  believed he meant leading in noble causes. He says now that he’s convinced that the US may need to go to war with Syria, a nation one-tenth the size of the American state of Texas and one that has never lifted a finger against them.  Experts suggest that, even though Syria is being invaded, it is actually what Americans call, ‘the patsy’. The real prize to be won is Iran, Syria’s ally and this is going to start as a proxy war. Until US forces mass at the Iranian borders and breathe down it’s neck.

Interesting times lie ahead. If you have money to invest, now is the time to place your cash in news organisations like CNN, BBC, ABC, Reuters, Guardian, Al Jazeera and Fox.

This time though, I have to hand it to the Yanks. They have so far shown finesse. The last time, in 2003, the Bush-Rumsfeld-Cheney (the 21st century version of Larry, Moe and Curly Joe), behaved like bulls inside a china store, barely able to contain their impatience in getting inside Iraq and their hands on the black gold. In comparison, the Obama administration has painstakingly cultivated an illusion of extreme reluctance to get involved in Syria. Oscar quality performance, that.

As was skillfully done in 2002/03, the fourth estate, our so-called freedom seeking media, has been thoroughly primed and mind-controlled. It is convinced of America’s spin and Syria’s wrong doing. What was it John Kerry said today about the WMD in Syria? Moral obscenity?

Weren’t the Americans just phenomenally cool back in 2002? When they and only they detected the smoking gun and the rest of us schmucks were looking on in awe and horror? Where was it that time…I forget, ‘pete ashey to mukhey ashey na’ (that’s Bengali for ‘I can’t seem to remember the f—in’ name’). Some obscure African country it was. Obscured by gamma radiation, that is, it’s sands saturated with high-grade uranium ore which it processes and exports as ‘yellow cake’. Viagra? Nah. (Forgive me, I have a one-track mind). Tiagra? Tiger? ….nooooo, wait, Niger! That’s it, Niger.

The tale of the Niger forgery was a belly laugh. In his Jan 2003 State of the Union address, U.S. President George W. Bush said, ” The British government has learned that Saddam Hussein recently sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa.” This infamous sentence is now known all over as “the Sixteen Words” and it is infamous simply because it turned out to be a bare-faced lie.

George W’s assertion was based upon sales receipts showing contracts for the sale of yellow cake to Iraq, that had mysteriously fallen into the hands of the Italian intelligence agency, SISMI, which then promptly passed the documents on to the Americans. Hungry and baying for blood by now, the Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld axis pounced upon the papers with unconcealed glee.

Unfortunately, even before the US Pres had caught his breath after his speech, the Niger document turned out to be a sloppy forgery, but by then the invasion of Iraq had already begun.

But hey, didn’t Niger get on to the world map after that, as the nation that had the ‘cake’ that started an invasion. If Helen’s was the face that launched a thousand ship’s, Niger’s Mahmoudou Issoufu’s ebony black face helped launch a hundred cruise missiles. At least now you and I know that a nation called Niger exists.

I’m so excited for you Americans. First you tested Agent Orange, giving it away, letting it free, spreading it like democracy, into the air over Vietnam as if there was no tomorrow. It produced grotesquely deformed Vietnamese kids for generations, who only had to be themselves to be able to land a role in your blockbuster sci-fi movies, as other-worldly androids, no? It crippled hundreds of your own troops on the ground.

Then, zealously you stockpiled 35000 tons of that and other goodies, in what amounts to the largest single stockpile of chemical weapons by any nation. And even though you signed numerous non-proliferation protocols, you still hung on to most of the stuff, citing defense reasons. The stockpile now is conveniently labelled ‘for research and development purposes only’, ostensibly to defend against future chemical attacks. Even though no one has ever attacked you with chemical weapons.

When Saddam gassed the Kurds at Halabja in 1996, you cried foul. Outwardly. There was a joke going around then. You didn’t need to find out if Saddykins had chemical weapons. You didn’t actually need UN weapons inspectors at all. You still had the sales receipts! You had sold him the plant, for Christ’s sakes, and equipment for the production of the cocktail of mustard gas and the nerve gas Sarin that the dictator used, to kill 6000 innocent civilians. Your Ronny Reagan and Donny Rumsfeld had sold to this murderous tyrant, entire production facility plans, technical drawings, filling and storage equipment and delivery systems.


Ronald Reagan’s special envoy, Donald Rumsfeld, with Saddam Hussein, December 1983. After-sales service call?

The deploying and use of chemical weapons is a carefully planned exercise and there are layers within layers, much like onions. The core is the actual use. It is premeditated and the target audience carefully chosen. It is an experiment, a test on live humans, to examine the effects of exposure, purely from the point of view of R&D toward more effective weaponry and delivery systems, handling and storage systems and development of medical procedures to combat the effects.

The use of chemical or any other WMD is instigated and then monitored by the supplying nation for this reason. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were dazzling examples, one being a uranium fission device and the other a plutonium implosion device, differing technologies that needed proving in a live test environment where casualty figures needed to be studied, the illnesses and long term effects researched. Thanks to Japanese pig-headedness in refusing to surrender, this ‘R&D exercise’ was a roaring success.

The other layers of the onion are the orchestrated outrage, the spin for the media, the building of the consensus and finally the invasion. But what about Syria? Hey, who cares about the guinea pig a.k.a the patsy?

Like Michael Corleone said,” Its business, not personal.”