A US Republican Senator, Ted Cruz, recently spoke on the floor of the Senate for 21 hours non-stop. And what did he speak about? He recited from children’s books, including Dr Seuss’s Green Eggs and Ham, no kidding.

Try and imagine this. Senator Ted Cruz actually gets paid by the American tax-payers to read from Dr Seuss for 21 hours. If we assume the hourly overheads of running the American Senate to be, at a conservative estimate, approximately $160000, then the American tax-payers just shelled out $3,360,000.00 to listen to a reading of Dr. Seuss. Enough to have kept 7 laid-off American factory workers employed for a whole year.

I heard Cruz read some nonsensical lines too, lines that he thought would be relevant to the current Republican stand on the fiscal crisis. The grapevine on Capitol Hill says that an intern with a sense of humor gave Ted Cruz lines from Jabberwocky to read instead. He didn’t know the difference. The rumor about the Jabberwocky recital is not confirmed yet.

But the best part of it all is this. Ted Cruz is now a hero among his Republican colleagues. Sobriquets are flying..’ young maverick’…’the GOP’s next President-in-waiting’….’no-nonsense go-getter’……’firebrand trailblazer’….

And what was Ted Cruz’s actual grouse? A petty one – the delay of healthcare reform. But why the ‘filibuster’ when it was already law and the President was even re-elected over it? Bear with me and I’ll tell you why.

The Republicans’ pit bull, Donald Trump, tried to have Obama disqualified from running for the presidency. He raved and ranted on TV that Obama was not a ‘natural born’ American, meaning in Trump’s lingo, not a true American with ‘American values’. Trump’s argument – Obama’s mother was American but he was born outside America.

Trump had huge covert support from the Republican Party and its embarrassingly looney side-kick, the Tea Party Movement. The Republicans didn’t realize how stupid they actually were, until it backfired on them. Obama won the Presidency with an even wider margin than the first time.

Trump obviously does not have a problem with Ted Cruz being born abroad, which Cruz actually was (he was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada). Were Ted to run for Presidency the next time, chances of which are extremely high, would Trump be as vociferously opposed?

Trump was posed just this question in a recent ABC interview and, though he hemmed and hawed ‘yes…maybe’, his body language told us exactly the opposite. Like he was squirming to wriggle himself out of a corner. In the case of Obama, Trump’s body language had been so extreme at one point that, if you stuck an AR-15 into his hands, he’d probably have drilled the President full of holes.

Let’s cut through the crap. Its all quite clear and simple and has nothing at all to do with healthcare or governance or being natural born or not. The Republicans just haven’t gotten used to the idea that they are being led by a black President. It irks them even more when, at every turn, he comes out way above them.

We all remember well, South Carolina Congressman, Republican Joe Wilson’s finger wagging scream “You lie!” at Obama while he was addressing a joint session of the US Congress in 2009. He did make an apology of an apology that sounded more like a snarl to me. If he had been standing nearer to the President, he might even have managed to poke him in the chest with his finger. Like, ‘Know your place, boy.’

About his citizenship and eligibility, I doubt if any other American President in history has faced as many taunts, as much derision and as many personal attacks as Obama has. Given the shit that was handed to him at the start and the non-stop petty harassment he faces every day, I cannot think of any other human being, Republican or Democrat, who could have done any better at the job he had.

We don’t even want to dwell upon how his predecessor did, amen. I might throw up, I don’t have that strong a constitution. However, it rankles when Obama sometimes tries to gain the right’s approval through measures that he knows they will support, even though his own heart may not be in them (such as the proposed military strike on Syria).

Is this the final decline and fall of the Republican Party of America as we used to know it? The party, of which at one time, Abraham Lincoln was a member? Has the nadir finally been reached? Its old but is it still Grand? Honestly its time for an acronym change to COP (Creepy Old Party).

After their conduct in the current fiscal fiasco, I wouldn’t be surprised if I found that they’ve moved their HQ to the bottom of the Marianas Trench. Don’t worry. The lack of oxygen down there won’t bother them. They don’t breathe oxygen.

The Marianas are deep but there’s always the silver lining ……..

James Cameron can do a second dive and film them. He loves filming species that are facing extinction.


ps: About the cartoon by Dave Kurtzman. You don’t see a connection with the text, do you? I just put it there because it was funny. You need to laugh.