ImageThe photo is of a Crimean woman who almost drowned trying ta escape before the Russians could get her. Here she has somehow managed to make it to land and is trying to catch her breath, poor dear.

And that’s the snorkel of a Russian typhoon-class ballistic missile submarine  in the background, behind her, to your right.

I am kidding. But I swear, that sea over there really is the Black Sea.

“Tantrums, weeping and hysteria won’t help. Instead, Americans who are unhappy about Crimea, can perform sun salutations and maybe watch some comedy sketches on TV” – Russian Deputy Foreign Minister, Sergei Ryabkov.

Now, if that isn’t thumbing your nose at the USA, what is? Of course it is. When you have 8500 nuclear warheads with a combined explosive capability of 12,200,000,000 tons of TNT (yes, 12.2 billion tons), the USA and its puppy, Britain, have to just buckle down and bite their nails and groan inwardly, I guess. Unless they want to start a third world war, which I doubt they have the stomach for. They wouldn’t like anything to damage their yachts and their golf courses.

Just in case you have no idea what 12.2 billion tons of TNT mean in terms of destructive potential (and don’t worry, there are lots of things I too don’t have a clue about), I’ll put this in perspective – the total tonnage of bombs exploded in the whole of the Second World War is estimated to be 14.5 million tons and the Vietnam War, 11.1 million tons. This tells me that Russia therefore has enough firepower to cause devastation equal to 841 Second World Wars.

The Crimean take-over is one topic that has the David Lettermans, the Jay Lenos, the Jimmy Kimmels, the Rush Limbaughs and the Bill O’Reillys stumped. They cannot find anything to sneer at in it and no possibility of getting a laugh out of it. There is just sheer impotence as they gape and gawk, some of them maybe even cheering the Russians on, inwardly. Talk about shock and awe. Well, the west has been had, shocked and awed. Something similar happened with Syria, though that was more like ‘diplomatic shock and awe’.

Now the famed coalitions of the willing are turning desperately toward their Wall Streets, their IMFs, their Visas, their Mastercards and their Paypals and other similar papier-mâché tigers, to cow the great Siberian Brown Bear.

I don’t like what Russia did, no. That was a bad, bad thing, grabbing territory. China could do the same thing to India in Arunachal Pradesh. There is of course a difference. An overwhelming majority in Crimea are ethnic Russians who love being a part of Russia. China could snatch-grab Arunachal but it would face a nationalist insurgency there for sure. Arunachalis love India more than China, simple.

But I have to tell you, I still enjoy to watch all the nose thumbing. Russia is the first nose-thumber who will get away with it, fair and square, unless Nato wants to start a fight. And I am certain Nato won’t. It is just another paper tiger, capable only of running roughshod over hapless nations many times smaller, like Iraq, Iran, the Honduras, Serbia and God knows how many of those tiny Pacific Ocean atolls and islands they occupy. To me, Nato looks more and more like Judge Doom and his bunch of cackling weasels without the ‘dip’, expecting Russia to roll over and play ‘patty-cake’.

Well, Judge Doom, the rest of us might be, but Russia is no toon.