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There was also Orgasmus there today. Orgasmus was a Libyan slave who had been a clown and mimic in a circus in Tyre when the Romans sacked the city in 91BC and took him away. Since then he had been indispensable. Batiatus would loan him out frequently to drinking parties at the nobles’ palaces, to make them laugh. Trust me, if you were a noble man in 1st century BC Rome, constantly having to watch your ass, you desperately needed ta laugh.

One of Orgee’s stand-up routines was acting like a wine-besotted Roman noble trying to get it up while his mistress (also played by Orgee) waits, eyeing her sundial impatiently. Orgee was the only slave who could get away with making fun of his Roman masters, but he knew he was skating on very thin ice. If he let out one and it wasn’t funny or if the nobles at the table had had a bad day, Orgee could be history. In ancient Rome, being history didn’t just mean being fired……..

Smarty Sparty (Part-2)