When the Aztecs fought their battles, aside from arrows and long-range weaponry like catapults flinging fireballs, which could kill and over which they had no control, they laid priority on hand-to-hand combat because they could then incapacitate the enemy by delivering slashing cuts and enslave him, for eventual sacrifice.

You slashed and then dragged the guy off the battlefield into a sort of holding area where he was nursed back to health on your behalf, to be healthy and fit for sacrifice. Their Gods loved healthy ass. (Heck, so do I).

And the Gods they had in plenty. There was Huitzilopochtli – who demanded pubescent boys,  Tezcatlipoca – nubile nymphs, Huehuetotl – obese folk (the US could do with old Huey), Tlaloc – he went for archers and Xipe Totec – a rookie God, he took anything that came his way………..

Smarty Sparty (Part-3) – Things that your Mama never told you about