My aunt had this humongous prayer room that had mirror-smooth, wall to wall marble flooring, though I never saw her venture into it. It was bristling with virtually every idol ever known to mankind. There was the ubiquitous shiva linga, a must-have for every Hindu prayer room, jostling for space with idols of a buxom Goddess Laxmi, a Goddess Kali who seemed to have leapt right out of a Stephen King novel and a tubby Ganesh sitting contentedly astride a swan. Poor swan.

There were so many idols in there that, if I had looked hard enough, I might have found something for an Aztec, a Mayan or a Tutsi to pray to. This room was a constantly running WEF-Davos meet for idols, or if you want to be charitable, a Madame Tussaud’s for deities……

Head over Heels (Part-2)