Rohini had showered just prior and changed into a skimpy sleeveless banyan which had shoulder straps that seemed mighty lonesome. They didn’t have to jostle for space with bra straps. She wasn’t wearing a bra. Down south, she had on a light frilly frock that barely covered her knees. The hem of her frock had a life of it’s own. It rode up with the slightest movement, an occurrence that she seemed oblivious about.

She didn’t have to worry about being ogled at. It was dark and besides, my aunt’s house was way higher than any of the other buildings around us, except maybe the 16-floor tower on Southern Avenue but that was too far off to discern what was going on here, unless there happened to be a dirty old lech with a high-powered night scope up there. Voyeurs hadn’t yet become a fraternity in those days…..

Head over Heels (Part-4)