I turned toward her on my side, wet blades of grass lifting up from the sloping bank of the lake and clinging to the back of my t-shirt. I was just an inch away from her back, my head resting on my outstretched right arm. There was the Dabur Amla, sweat and Ponds Dreamflower aroma about her that I instantly recognized. It should have turned me on but strangely, that afternoon it didn’t.

I snaked my free arm over her shoulder, feeling for her chin and cupping it in my palm. Her chin felt moist. Gently I began turning her face toward me. First her torso twisted and then she lifted up and turned around, so that her knees bumped gently against mine. Her eyes were slits, from the glare of the pale blue sky above, long eyelashes fluttering just a bit, making it a bit windy in there. She was crying. God, I loved this girl so. It was almost physical, a heaviness at the pit of my ribcage. In another ten hours, she would be leaving for the airport……..

Head over Heels (Part-6)