“Didi, ki korchen ki? Om Nomoh Shibayo ..Om..…Nomo Nomo…” (what on earth are you up to, Miss? Holy mother of God!)” said an alarmed, quaking, instantly recognizable male voice from a location a few feet away and to my 9 o’clock. I kept trying to twist free till I heard footsteps hurrying down the stairs and only then felt Rohini’s thighs relax and fall open.

Catching my breath, I whispered, “What do you think is going to happen to us, Rohinidi?” The way we had been going at each other the past few weeks, or rather she had been going at me, discovery was something that was just waiting to happen, but still, the enormity of it was too much to bear. I was terrified.

We hurriedly took stock. Guludada had gone to see the Chaplin flick, ‘A countess from Hong Kong’ at The Lighthouse and Ronudada was out with friends. My aunt had gone shopping at New Market and I couldn’t imagine Keshtokaka gathering up enough nerve to go and tell what he had just seen to my uncle who was always buried deep inside the latest issue of The Lancet. Keshtokaka would wait till my aunt came home. We had time, to turn him around. All this must have dawned on Rohini much before it did, on me…..

Head over Heels (Part-7)