Den Haag

So, 71-year old Omar Al-Bashir, President of Sudan, has flown the coop, his two wives in tow. (He already has Eeny and Meeny and he’s looking for Miny and Moe). But heck, this isn’t about Bashir’s marital status. He can have four wives if he desires.

Poor fella, I feel sorry for him. When a bunch of white guys get together, make up a posse and then start chasing after you and you happen to be sitting on top of 6.6 billion barrels of oil, they’ll get you no matter where you are, if you don’t fall in line with their world view. Maybe you’ve been bad but hey, hasn’t everyone, especially them?

The folks who are doing the chasing are a dubious bunch of western nations who have set up a lynch-mob style court in this town whose name starts with a ‘the’ – The Hague. I have wondered why the name of a city should start with ‘The’. It is like the difference between ‘ars—ole’ and The Ars—ole’. The former can be any ars—ole, but the latter is a specific ars—ole.

Maybe it is just to make sure that no one else will name his town ‘Hague’. I wouldn’t name my town ‘Hague’. In Hindi it is a dirty word. The word ‘Hague’ would sound like ‘hagu’ and in Hindi, it would mean to say,”Please, poop if you want to’. Maybe some nation with a sense of humor can have a sister city to The Hague and call it ‘The Paad’, Indian for ‘fart’. It’ll be a nice match. Usually when you poop, you also tend to fart.

That lynch-mob goes by the name of International Criminal Court(ICC). At first everybody signed up, imagining it would be a do-good international body that would prevent genocide worldwide, by bringing folks who commit crimes against humanity, to justice.

But when it came to ratifying the actual ‘constitution’ of the ICC (the Rome Statute), only 123 nations did. Not all UN member states, just 123. The ones who didn’t sign up, didn’t because they were afraid their own ex-Presidents and senior advisers stood a good chance of being indicted on war crimes charges, should the control over the ICC somehow shift to others in the future.

Some of the non-ratifiers are actually screaming the loudest at South Africa, for letting Bashir scoot. One nation, one of the non-ratifiers, the most cacophonous one by far, it’s lawmakers and it’s media screaming foul and demanding to know why SA let him leave – The United States of America.

Let’s do a tiny sampling of the poor suckers languishing in the Detention Center of the ICC, in  Scheveningen, Holland, charged with genocide –

Charles Taylor – Sierra Leone, West Africa, awash with precious metals, gold and diamond deposits.

Thomas Lubanga Dyilo & Mathieu Ngudjolo Chui – Democratic Republic of Congo, West Africa, perhaps the richest nation in the world if one counts it’s exotic mineral and precious metal deposits, worth an estimated $24 trillion. You can’t walk through it’s streets without striking either cobalt, diamonds, gold, copper or oil.

Germain Katanga – Zaire, West Africa, the world’s largest producer of cobalt, second largest producer of industrial diamonds, and fifth largest producer of copper.

Laurent Gbagbo – Ivory Coast, Africa, the world’s largest exporter of cocoa beans and the third largest economy in the African continent.

The list goes on. At the moment, there are around 30 individuals indicted by the ICC for war crimes and crimes against humanity, of whom, 15 are in the Scheveningen prison.

Here’s the interesting part – 95% of those incarcerated are from African nations, nations that are sitting on some of the world’s richest mineral deposits. Take a look at all the moolah out there…..

Guinea – The world’s largest bauxite deposits (ore of aluminum) – nearly 800 years of supply at the current rate of consumption.

South Africa – The world’s largest exporter of platinum, besides being the world’s largest producer of chrome, manganese, palladium and vanadium.

Botswana – Home to 35 percent of Africa’s diamonds, most of which are gem quality, the world’s leading producer of diamonds.

Tanzania – The fourth-largest gold producer in Africa, Tanzania also has impressive deposits of iron ore, nickel, copper, cobalt, silver, diamonds and more.

Namibia – Blessed with a wide variety of mineral resources, it contains almost all of the continent’s uranium stashes.

Zambia – Sitting on vast deposits 70% pure copper ore.

Niger – Remember the foundation behind George W’s claim that Saddam was stockpiling uranium and the justification for the invasion of Iraq? Yeah, the claim stated that Saddam was importing the green stuff from Niger, home to some of the richest Uranium deposits in the world.

Ghana – Africa’s second-largest Gold producer after South Africa and one of the top ten in the world. Unlike the west, it’s streets may not paved with gold, but it’s hills and jungles certainly are.

Nigeria – The world’s tenth largest proven oil reserves (40 billion barrels)


If Sudan hadn’t had any mineral reserves, the ICC would probably have said,”Bashir who?” Let’s face it – The ICC is another of the west’s  tools to force little negro nations into submission.

The day that the ICC indicts George W Bush, Richard Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and others of the Bush administration, on charges of wrongful aggression and crimes against humanity that have snowballed today into the largest refugee crisis that the world has ever seen, that will be the day when the ICC shall really begin to administer justice.

Till then, I would rather Hagu on it.