Hundreds gathered at Second Baptist Church in Houston, Texas, on September 4, 2015, to honor the life of Harris County Deputy Darren Goforth. Goforth was shot and killed August 28 by a gunman at a gas station.

This is a panoramic view of white American police officer Darren Goforth’s funeral. Goforth was shot from behind by a black man, when he had stopped to fill gas in his car.

This doesn’t look like a funeral. It looks more like the UN General Assembly.

I don’t see any pointy white bedsheets with eyeholes in them. Did someone forget to invite the Ku Klux Klan?

Painfully tragic and unfair as Deputy Goforth’s killing is, my heart refuses to bleed, given what has been going on America the past few years. My spirit is willing to mourn but my neuro-transmitters are unbending.

Any death, especially this senseless killing, is tragic, but there is something so ominous about those ‘America rise, unite, strike, fight’ calls from hordes of a demographic of a certain skin pigmentation that it is alarming. There is little doubt as to which ‘America’ they are referring to.

Somehow, it is difficult to believe that white police officers all across America will just let this one go and move on with fair and impartial law enforcement. I wonder where, when and how the inevitable retributions shall begin.

America is a deeply divided and racist nation that has become far more polarised after it got it’s first black President. I would understand if a European country was racist. They were there first and by that fact alone, they had a right to want to live with only their own. But can America, a nation of immigrants, claim that right?

It is sad, isn’t it? The more President Obama has strived not to bring race into his Presidency, the more they have brought it in. What has made white America the way it is? Christianity? If so, why are they any different from the Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadis of the world?

Sometimes I wonder if the Satan created the color white and made us all believe it meant purity and godliness.

Shannon Miles, Goforth’s killer, just made it a lot harder for ordinary blacks to live in America.

Who will be the first blacks to die – for Darren Goforth?