The following are morsels from a comment string on Facebook, that I was a part of yesterday……

Ms H : (73 year old American Christian lady responding to the above picture which originally appeared on the website ‘Liberal America’) :

While we are feeding these hungry children why don’t we start teaching stupid women who don’t want or cannot afford to feed children to keep their legs closed, if they aren’t married it is still adultry or fornication and maybe if we got them to close their legs we would not have to have abortion clinics or hungry children. You think?

Ms. W :

What a terrible answer, .the thing is the children are there. need help.

Ms H:

Terrible perhaps but true none the less. I started by saying while we are feeding these hungry children. It remains that too many women are stupid about letting anyone use them. They know that most of the guys they sleep with are not going to marry them or support any child they might have. If you believe they will hey, what can I say – – – stupid no other word for it.


Ma’am, Ms H, I second Ms W on this wholeheartedly. Your’s is really a terrible, answer. No, terrible would be an understatement – abominable would be more apt. Pompous, yes, pompous, that too. Please stop living in the middle ages, Ma’am. Don’t let the redneck evangelists sway you. You can read and write, they cannot.

Ms H:

Spunky, I don’t give a d— what you think. I have as much right to say what I believe as you do so—— What I said is still true whether you like it or not and I don’t care. If more stupid women kept their legs closed we would not have so many hungry children and we would not need abortion clinics killing babies by the thousands. Obviously you don’t read a Bible. Adultry and fornication have been a problem since the beginning of time. I am not condemning but stating facts. Check the statistics. This is not a race issue it applies to all groups of people, caucasian, negroid and mongoloid. It is still a problem and it is still irresponsible. Wake up America.


Sorry to read your comment but I appreciate your being forthright. You seem like a right proper lady and I am pleased to have had this exchange with you. I do not wish to carry it forward though. Have a great weekend.

Ms H:

Spunky, you have the nerve to say I am pompous and you are putting down Rednecks and evangelists. I bet you consider yourself a good person. You are not. I have reread my post and it is still true .


I am not a good person, Ma’am. I am a sinner, beyond redemption. And a brown Asian guy on topa that.

Ms H:

I am 73, part caucasian, Jewish and possibly black. I am just stating facts. I too am not a good person but my Jesus paid for my sins and I am free. I worked for a Federal agency and had access to a lost of statistics so I just stated what I knew and believe. I will not continue to forward.

***I sent her a friend invite*** (Sure, why not. It would be fun)

Ms H:

You did send a friend invite. Let me think about it. I don’t have any friends that are not Christians, it cuts down on things to disagree about and I am very set in what I believe.


I was just wondering if Ms H is a typically Christian American. Is this the demographic that fellows like Mike Huckabee and Donald Trump are tapping into?

‘My Jesus paid for my sins’. Astounding how Christians have a cleaning man come in once every thousand years or so, to cleanse their souls, so they can go back to sinning. They make sinning sound so cool – just as if their consciences have given them a password to go ahead and commit immoral bigoted acts, without facing the repercussions that folks of other faiths are terrified of.

Besides, if the world was brimming over with promiscuous women as Ms H seems to think, how come I haven’t come across any in my 60 years? I’d have loved ta. I have been feeling like Pink Floyd all my life – I needed a dirty woman and I still do.

Here’s something to think about – The ‘pro-life’ debate, where pro-life stands for anti-abortion(supported by the American religious right) – It is commonly believed that over 85-90% of all women in America would love to have the choice of an abortion if she deems it necessary. That is to say that nine out of ten American women (and in fact, nine out of ten women anywhere in the modern world) would like that liberty.

If I was a woman, heck, I’d insist on having the say on whether I wanted a baby or not, after I got knocked up accidentally or by force or even by consent.

But the reality? This subject is still being debated and fought over in the US Congress and elections are still being fought on this ‘platform’. The Republican nomination could in fact well depend upon the candidate’s stand on this issue alone.

And America is the nation that is the most strident about ‘women’s rights’ and frequently wags fingers at other nations about how they treat their women.

Isn’t that a pity?

Well, what are the chances Ms H will actually accept my friend invite? Not that I am losing any sleep over it, but it would be fun being friends with a full-blooded Christian bigot on Facebook and busting her bubble every once in a while, in a way that only I happen ta know.


But here’s the thing. Here’s how I really felt after a while and conveyed my feelings to Ms H……

“Hi, Ms H,

I thought over the whole thing and here’s how I really feel…….

Isn’t it just great that we can express our feelings without fear of retribution? We in North America (you in America and me in Canada) – Christian countries – that let us speak freely.

This is why I am so glad to have moved here in Canada. No matter how many religious fundamentalists there are over here, there are still folks who are kind, warm, nice, sympathetic, apologetic…. true Christians. I salute them.

I salute you as well. I bet, just like Kim Davis of the refuse-ta-marry-same-sex-couples infamy, you have never committed a single unfair act in your life. You believed – blindly – what is wrong with that?

I don’t know but I bet you have been a good wife, a great grandmother, an awesome friend to your friends – I don’t know you one bit, but if I know anything of folks, I know that’s what you are.

If wanting to be with only Christians around you makes you comfortable, why should that be a problem for anyone? You have earned the right.”