I watched the second Republican nomination debate in horror. With myriads of major issues confronting the nation, all that they could talk about was their own petty squabbles, slinging mud at each other and lying through their teeth. It got so petty that the front-runner, Donald Trump, crowed,’ Rand Paul shouldn’t even be here – he has less than 1% support in the polls.’

We had each candidate trying to outdo the other in promising tax cuts for the super-rich and scale up military spending and presence throughout the world. There was no mention of the term ‘building bridges’ with other nations and nor were the words ‘middle class’ spoken together throughout the evening, except just once – by Chris Christie. The mood was isolationist and holier-than-thou – fanatical to the extreme.

Also present was a trophy black in this supremacist, white-only political party, whose only qualification was that a few decades back he separated conjoined twins at birth and that he intones Jesus Christ with every breath. Ben Carson has a demeanor both manufactured and infuriatingly unflappable and the effect it manufactures is that of someone who is calm, composed and knowledgeable. So stiff and bland was his upper lip through the evening that the acidic host, Bill Maher, commented, ‘ Did Bill Cosby put something in Ben Carson’s drink?’

All in all, this was a bunch of jokers who were completely out of touch with reality.

The scale of the horror can be sensed when Republican talk show hosts adjudged a compulsive liar as the ‘high point’ , the leader of the debate – Carly Fiorina, now feted as the Queen bee among the Republican candidates, a failed business woman with a highly dubious business performance record.

She spoke with emotion about a video of a living fetus being operated on, to harvest it’s tissues. The only problem – the video she was shooting off about actually did not exist and was simply a figment of her imagination.

The debate tells me what is in the top of the Republican agenda – with all the shit that is going down in the world – you won’t believe this – it is PLANNED PARENTHOOD. That’s right – Planned Parenthood is the Republicans’ topmost priority issue.

I have to pinch myself to check if I’m having a nightmare.

God help Americans. God help us all.