‘I’ll get that Trump guy, sniff, sniff!

So, Scott Walker, seeing his standing among the other Republican candidates fall below even 1%, has bowed out of the race. Republican fresh face, great white hope, wunderkind in February – ignominy in September.

He had it coming. He was trying to be an ultra-rightwing hawk and doing great, until he got afflicted by that foot-in-mouth disease. He gradually began getting known for confusing comments. Those utterances frequently made audiences and the media do double takes.

Like when he refused to say whether he considered President Obama a Christian, as if confirming that would make him less of a Republican. Or when he claimed to be “ready to take on the Islamic State because I’ve taken on the unions.” (ugh)

I am tearing up. You could make a top of the line handbag, better than Gucci, out of my tears – pure crocodile.

Scotty tried to be more right-wing that everyone else – until Donald Trump showed up and the Scott Walker groupies changed sides by means of a rednecky osmosis and diffusion – which in the case of the Republicans, works (like everything else for them) in the opposite direction – from a lower to a higher concentration of neo-Naziness.

Scott lost heart not because he stopped believing in his message. Hey, this is America – he just ran out of money, that’s all. The American Presidential elections are made deliberately long, so that only one thing can decide who will come out the winner – money.

Good riddance – for now. But like psoriasis, Scott Walker isn’t going to go away. He’ll be back in 2020, mark my words, when he’ll be a bit more bloated, a bit more jaded, a bit more rednecky, a bit more bigoted and act like Jesus Christ was his first cousin.

The silver lining? We won’t be seeing this moron (maybe even in his Wisconsin State where he is sure to lose re-election in case he tries). At least not for four more years.