The third most powerful man in the US has resigned. The one with that steely, hawkish stare which hid an emotional man who teared up easily. He was a moderate among Republicans. He reminds me of Lenny, the great white shark, who’s a vegetarian and wants to make friends with all the other fish, in the Dreamworks laughathon ‘Shark Tale’.

I kinda liked John Boehner. At least he did not have a red neck and a bed sheet with holes for eyes in it, just like the rest of his Republican friends. Obama actually liked him. Maybe they didn’t want to socialize but Christianity had somehow been able to break through the chasm.

He was civil and respectful. I am not sure how far he accepted a black President, but this I know – John Boehner is a gentleman. Even though, when that creep called Joe Wilson shouted in the House and called Obama a liar, Boehner reacted with a ‘He’s a good man’. He was forced to, he had no choice.

Let’s just put it this way – To the extent that a white Republican American can be civil toward a black man, Boehner was civil. He and Barry Obs had a certain mutual respect.

Do you think his resignation has anything to do with the Pope’s visit? Boehner is a Catholic and maybe the Pope upbraided him and said,’Stop being an ass–le, Jack, leave those rednecks. You don’t belong with them.’

Who knows? There have been Papal Bulls before now, haven’t there?