An unbelievable transformation


**Yesterday, somewhere outside Berlin**

‘Yaba Daba Goo’, said the baby from Krypton, as steam appeared to rise from the space pod

‘Look, Joachim’, said the Chancellor to her husband,’ Isn’t the baby adorable? Let’s take him home, pretty please.’

‘Hey! What the…! The back of the car is going up! Look! It’s the baby! We’re flying!’


‘Liebling, the car is trashed but do let’s take him home just the same! Maybe he’ll help us with the moving!”

Thus, the world’s first refugee was welcomed. They had to keep him. He couldn’t be deported. (His home planet had just blown itself to bits).

(Authentic Spunkybong History Lesson)


That baby may grow into a bespectacled Clark Kent and make his mommy proud or he might turn out to be a harmless nuisance like Mister Mxyzptlk. But then again he may even congeal into a Lex Luther.

That was German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, on a drive with her husband, Joachim. Of course, she adopts the baby right away. She has to set an example, no? Germany has maneuvered itself into the forefront of the Syrian refugee crisis by announcing that it is taking in 800,000 refugees the coming year. Merkel sincerely believes that somehow, over time, one of two things will happen –


the situation in Syria will miraculously stabilize and improve and the refugees will be glad to say ‘thank you and goodbye’ and return, their bags swinging in their hands, singing, ‘Hey ho, hey ho and off to Aleppo’ 


They will let themselves be completely assimilated into the German way of life in every possible way, their native cultures discarded, to quickly become indistinguishable from other native Germans. They will eat, drink, dress and speak like Germans. German Germans won’t mind them practicing their faith, as long as they don’t begin proselytizing. Oh, goody.

While one of the above two alternatives plays itself out, there is the third and crucial premise that Ms Merkel is counting on – that ordinary white Christian Germans will wait patiently with a smile, continuing to support the refugees through their taxes and continuing to step aside and let the eager refugees take away jobs that they would otherwise have had the chance to take themselves.

Angela Merkel has gone nuts, no question about it. She is the leader of the very same folks who went along like sheep behind Hitler, proving beyond doubt their utter incapability for independent thought. Leopards don’t visit tattoo parlors and therefore have no avenue to change their spots even if they want to. History has proven this axiom repeatedly in the case of humans.


There is a term for German government’s new-found open arms policy – Willkommenskultur (welcoming culture). Since the current refugee crisis is not going to go away anytime soon, it looks like the world is stuck with another German word which in time will probably become as common as kindergarten or blitzkrieg.

As the Syrian refugees keep pouring in, ordinary Germans have really begun pitching in – they are bringing food and clothes to the camps, driving refugees around in their own cars to German government offices, helping them fill forms and register for all sorts of government welfare programs, paying their public transport fares, footing their medical bills, teaching them German, sharing with them their couches and bikes, acting as nannies for their babies, opening up soccer clubs, schools and kindergartens for refugee kids and going on demonstrations against right-wing attacks across the country. Boy, are they pitching in. Hitler would have turned a somersault in his grave.

There is almost a sense of passive aggression. Germans are determined to be good – look good – in the eyes of the world and nothing else seems to matter. Things are so pro-refugee right now that you might get beaten black and blue by your own neighbor if you are a German and you don’t step up with a spare cot and a meal. It is actually beginning to look quite ridiculous. A year after the World Cup in Rio, Germany desperately wants to be world champion again – this time as the most welcoming nation in the world. Perhaps it sees this as an opportunity to atone for it’s Nazi past.

What will we see next? Dick Cheney flying to Mosul and getting down on his knees on the tarmac of the Baghdad airport and saying sorry?

The addition of 800,000 is a low-end estimate. If one takes into account dependents and relatives still in Syria, the figure is more likely to touch 1 million. That is an increase of 1.2% of Germany’s population overnight and rise of 32% in the number of Muslims living in Germany. Given the current Muslim component of roughly 5% of the German population and the refugee birthrates that are way higher than the norm, I won’t be off the mark if Germany’s Muslims touch 10% within a decade.

The Willkommenskultur policy tells all Germans that ‘refugees are human resources, experienced and skilled. Refugees are our future spouses, best friends, the drummer in our children’s band, our next colleague, Miss Germany 2020, the carpenter who finally fixes our attic, the chef in the company cafeteria, the fireman, the television host, the policeman and the air force pilot.’

Noble thought indeed. But once the dust has settled, once the refugees are all in, what happens next? (Or will they ever be all in?) What will happen when the new refugees begin demanding more than just a tent, a bottle of water and a slice of bread? How will German society deal with the sudden increase in veils and burqas, mosques and Ramadans. How will Germany face what France is already having to confront today? And those demands are inevitable.

More importantly, what will happen when after a while, those same Germans with open arms don’t see the gratitude that they would naturally expect? How will they feel when ‘If it wasn’t for us, you’d be dead in Aleppo’ is met with sullen spite? Oh yes, open charity has always been acknowledged with resentment and an inexplicable sense of entitlement, not gratitude.

The other narrative is the growth of neo-Nazism and right-wing politics in Germany in recent years. This year alone, the number of arson attacks on refugee shelters and hostels has crossed 200.

Even though they are still the smallest bloc in the German Bundestag, the right wing Christian Socialist Union and the Christian Democratic Party have seen their number of seats grow by 11%, from 2009. Their supporters do not subscribe to the idea of Willkommenskultur. They see a Germany under siege and, like the American hard right, they are willing to take matters into their hands.

All across the world in fact, right-wing politics is being embraced lustily by increasing numbers of the citizenry. In India, the Hindu nationalist BJP has stormed into power with a majority. In America, a highly polarizing figure like Donald has got a large voting bloc virtually by the balls, by announcing that he will deport even American-born immigrants if they have in their families any illegals. In France, Marine Le Pen’s ultra-conservative Front Nationale became the largest political party in 2014. In the UK, the conservative Tories have won a majority just a year back. So have the conservatives in Canada been ruling with impunity, formulating laws that specifically target immigrants.

Right-wing ideologies are so in fashion all over the developed world that it is hard to accept the German Chancellor’s Willkommenskultur  as reflecting the will of the masses on the ground.

Willkommenskultur might actually fuel right-wing nationalist politics and given the vast number of refugees being welcomed in, they just might topple the Angela Merkel government in the foreseeable future. At best there will be more job openings for firefighters to cope with arson attacks and at worst, Germany will have it’s next Adolf Hitler.


Another narrative that bears equal responsibility for the refugee crisis is Islam.

That Islam is in deep crisis is no longer in doubt. Like a blob of radioactive plutonium that has gone critical, it is in a perpetual state of fission-fusion simmer. In another few centuries, it will either be able to make the whole world Muslim or implode, bringing the whole world down with it.

This is where the other narrative begins and it is by far the most troubling, given it’s seeming plausibility. Here is a round-up of some questions that most non-Muslims in the west who are against Germany’s Willkommenskultur, have voiced in the context of the Syrian refugee influx…..

  • How come they all seem to have endless supplies of money to pay the human traffickers?
  • Most appear to have working cellphones. Doesn’t that seem strange?
  • They seem well dressed and do not appear to be suffering the effects of malnutrition. If they had been so wretched, they wouldn’t look so well-fed.
  • Most of the refugees are men of military age, from a region where guns proliferate like popcorn.
  • Why are other reasonably well-to-do Muslim nations not granting refuge to their fellow Muslims? Since they are so fond of calling themselves ‘tightly-knit’ and screaming bloody murder at every slight committed against their ‘brethren’, one should think that, between themselves, nations like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, U.A.E., Bahrain, Brunei, Indonesia or Malaysia would step up to the plate. Why have they not?
  • Could a majority of them have been deliberately embedded by the ISIS in Europe, in an effort to Islamize the west? After all, it is a known fact that Islam mandates proselytizing and rewards believers who can propagate and convert.


The above concerns are not kooky at all, if one views Islam as not just a religion but a whole system that governs every aspect of a believer’s life.  Islam has religious, legal, political, economic and military components.  The religious component is the umbrella for all the other components. And that religious component of Islam mandates that eventually the world has got to be made up of just one kind of folks – Muslims. To Islam’s true believers, there is no such thing as peaceful co-existence and a 100% Muslim world is just a matter of time.

As soon as a refugee registers himself anywhere in Europe or North America, he starts receiving something that is non-existent anywhere in the Muslim world – welfare payments that are sufficient for him and his family to lead a life that is reasonably comfortable by the standards of his native country. The payments usually come with no caveat or end date.

That is just the start – the refugee now becomes eligible for a slew of benefits on account of his welfare status – public transport is subsidized, he is provided affordable housing, he is offered free professional diploma courses, his children get a free education and the best of all – for every child he gives birth to, he gets paid Child Benefits which in themselves are substantial. For example, in Canada, if you are on welfare, you could be receiving as much as $300 per month per child extra, over and above your welfare payments. The aim of this is to encourage births and therefore by default, Muslim births as well.

Once a refugee settles down, there is one thing that he is most likely not to do if he happens to be Muslim – try to blend in. This is not a sweeping statement at all. Muslims are mandated by their faith not to blend into other cultures, being told that those folks are infidel (kaffir or non-believers). Given half a chance, they would like to have you blend in with them instead, even if you happen to be the host nation. In the Middle Ages, they did that with scimitars and now they use your own laws which guarantee personal liberty.

With Germany’s Willkommenskultur, has the western world begun offering itself up for Islamization on a platter? Do we see a Trojan horse at the gates of Europe?