Of all the theories on anything that have been propounded ever since human beings began wondering why things happened the way they did, Charles Darwin’s On the origin of species stands out as arguably the greatest theory ever. Not only does it lucidly set forth how we and all other living beings on earth came to be what we are today, it also debunks the age old dogma that God created man in his ‘own image’ and that we are all descendants of the first humans on earth, Mr. Adam and Mrs. Eve.

Evolution is in fact so well established and proven so far beyond any doubt that Darwin’s Theory is no longer considered a theory.  The word ‘theory’ makes it sound like it is still a hypothesis. Evolution no longer is a hypothesis. It is just as much a fact as Newton’s 3rd Law or Archimedes’ Principle are.

According to a 2013 Pew Research Center analysis, six-in-ten Americans (60%) said that ‘humans and other living things have evolved over time,’ while a third (33%) rejected the idea of evolution, saying that ‘humans and other living things have existed in their present form since the beginning of time.’

The 33% who didn’t believe in evolution and subscribed to the Adam & Eve bull instead, turned out to be almost completely Republican in political affiliation.

And what of the 2016 Republican candidates? All, and I really mean all, the Republican candidates for the 2016 Presidential Elections have chosen to stand by creationism. To be fair to him, Donald Trump hasn’t expressed any view as yet. Jeb Bush’s position on evolution is laughable – ‘ well I sort of believe it, but I don’t think it should be taught in schools.’

That brings me to this individual called Dr. Ben Carson. At first I just thought he is yet another trophy black, brought in by the Republican Party of America, to show us all that the color of the skin doesn’t matter to them.

Let’s introduce the man first. Here are just some of the accolades that he has received, which form only the tip of the accolade iceberg –


Recipient of no less than 67 honorary doctorate degrees

Named to the Horatio Alger Society of Distinguished Americans

Picked by Time magazine as one of the nation’s 20 foremost physicians and scientists

Selected by the American Library of Congress as one of 89 ‘Living American Legends’

Received the highest honor bestowed by the NAACP – the Spingarn Medal

Received the 2008 Ford Theater Lincoln Medal

Awarded America’s highest civilian honor – the Presidential Medal of Freedom

Portayed on film (TV drama – Gifted Hands – with actor, Cuba Gooding Jr.)

The first surgeon to separate twins joined at the head at birth


Impressive indeed. But lurking inside that mountain of honors is a harsh and ignorant demagogue who is adamant that Jesus’s father created us all. This is an indictment of not only Dr Ben Carson, but the entire Republican Party of America.

Wait, Carson isn’t done yet. He has just trashed the Big Bang Theory. He says that complex organisms such as human beings couldn’t possibly have come simply from a huge explosion. What escapes him is that the evolution came about over billions of years. He seems to believe that it all happened overnight. I wonder why someone hasn’t stripped him of his fancy medical degrees and banned him from practicing medicine or at least sewn his mouth shut.

Carson (I refuse to give him legitimacy by adding the Dr. title in front of his name) fills me with despair. Evolution is not something you do or do not believe in. It is a scientifically proven fact. I mean, it is just as much of a fact as the earth’s orbit round the Sun is. You can’t not believe it unless you happen to be a dumb schmuck living in the dark ages.

But here’s the thing – I don’t believe Carson and all those other Republican Presidential candidates are ignorant and dogmatic at all. They are being Neanderthal because they have a constituency that is Neanderthal. They know how to sense the mindset of the ignorant, illiterate backwoods impoverished redneck goonish white trash who form their voter base. The GOP candidates have got to appeal to this constituency if they wish to be nominated. If they are really just play-acting till the primaries are over – it is deeply disturbing.


The most powerful evidence that evolution is fact is not just fossils, although fossils are the main evidence of the actual history of life on earth. In Darwin’s time you looked at a human hand and you compared it with a albatross’s wing, a whale’s flipper or a horse’s hooves and you saw the same bones. You could identify them bone for bone.

But a more conclusive evidence is probably molecular genetics. You can look at long reams of genetic code and you can actually compare different species, letter by letter, exactly as you might compare two versions of the Bible or the Quran. You can actually count the number of similarities and differences between species like humans and chimpanzees and so forth. The evidence of gradual steps through which we evolved is just so overwhelmingly strong. Darwin would have loved it if he knew how far his brilliant hypothesis has led us in finding the truth behind our origins.


And Yale-educated brain surgeon, Ben Carson, believing that God created the world in an instant, says in that mumbling pulpit-like voice of his, “Are you going to tell me that the complexity of the human brain came out of a soup full of chemicals?”

For an eminent physician to say those words is incomprehensible. Evolution is the bedrock of biology and biology is the bedrock of medicine. Therefore, for a distinguished doctor to not understand the fundamental basis of his own field of study is bizarre.

Ben Carson represents what that abovementioned 33% of Americans believe – that we came from Adam and Eve. Great. So Adam and Eve somehow caught on that they had to engage in intercourse, which they did and thereafter the Book of Genesis becomes a bit hazy. Let’s see what it actually says….


The early chapters of Genesis talk about the origin of life on Earth, including how God made man (Adam).

Adam ‘begets’ a son, Cain at first. Yeah, in those days, they didn’t just have children – they begot them. Then Adam began enjoying sex with Eve and had a second son, Abel and then, after Abel’s murder came another son, Seth. At the time of Seth’s birth, Adam was believed to be 130 years old.

After Adam begot Seth, he and Eve begot two sons and two daughters. This same passage [Genesis 5:3-4] also reveals that Adam lived for 930 years.

Cutting to the chase, Adam and Eve’s family consisted of sons Cain, Abel and Seth, plus a two sons and two daughters, making that a total of seven children. Let us assume that all the ‘begetting’ took 20-30 years from the first bout of sex. The immediate question that arises then is – if Adam (and likely Eve too) lived for 930 years, didn’t they ever f—k for the remaining 900 years?

Let’s look at the whole baloney from a different angle. Since all of Adam’s sons and daughters were obviously siblings and they must have screwed, in order to get the species going. Isn’t it then reasonable to believe that the Bible condoned incest? How come humans don’t suffer from genetic birth defects in larger numbers from all that sibling sex?

Can you just imagine what would happen to me if Scarlett Johanssen turned out to be my sister?

Now do you realize why I became an agnostic, who is straying toward full-blown atheism?


Here’s a nugget I read somewhere that seems to make a lot of sense…..

Carson is not the first black man in the Republican nomination fight. In the 2012 elections, the Republicans came up with another black, Herman Cain, a conservative radio host and the former head of Godfather’s Pizza. Cain’s oft-repeated mantra (which the party’s right-wing base just loved to hear)  was that blacks in America had the same opportunities as whites but they were lazy and wanted to be spoon-fed and like ‘ignorant sheep’ they followed the Democratic Party. Cain’s history of womanizing and workplace sexual harassment however ultimately proved to be too much for the party to bear and the GOP-Cain love affair ended.

There is an interesting dynamic that surrounds the nomination of a black man by a predominantly racist white majority political party like the GOP. During the Confederacy, white slave owners and employers would often provide special treatment to select blacks, making them overseers who ruled over the other slaves with an iron fist, sometimes even trying to outdo their masters in cruelty.

It was an elaborate pantomime that they played with their white bosses. In return for humane treatment and better living conditions, these slave overseers heaped praise on their white bosses, assuaging the ‘white Christian guilt’ that they must have carried within themselves, for the horrendous sin of slavery. In turn the slave owners spoke glowingly of these overseers, deeming them a ‘credit to their race’.

The Republicans seem to have found themselves the perfect overseer-President.

But does Carson even realize that he is going to be manipulated like a pawn by his white Republican colleagues?. If he gets to be President, he will be reviled by his own people and just about every member of the minority for the invective he has been spewing on them.

I thought Obama needed additional Secret Service protection, but Carson? I am afraid even God won’t be able to save his ass from both – the KKK on one side and the underprivileged and discriminated blacks whom he has been calling lazy.

It has been 50 years since the last American President was assassinated. The trend has been two every century for the past two centuries.

The 21st century is wide open.

Just a thought.



Couple all this with the latest revelations on Ben Carson’s lies about being invited to join West Point and his faked childhood violence and we have a compulsive liar to boot.

It just proves that merely being highly educated does not make one enlightened. Real understanding must be independent of acquired knowledge.

We have brains that are compartmentalized. I can be an award winning actor but also an ass–le in our behavior with others. Steve Jobs refused to acknowledge his own daughter for years, robbing her off the chance to live in close proximity to his brilliance. The world is filled with genius jerks.

We now have a genius neuro-surgeon jerk, that’s all.