“Google holds the key to many questions about Syria. For example – Where is it? Who lives there? How many square miles is it? These are all things that have to be pinned down” – Dr. Ben Carson – He could be President of the US in 2016.

And yes, he does know to tell the difference between the back of his ass and the front of his face – he just Googled it.

The ‘evangelical whites’ of America just can’t get enough of him. He is saying all the things they want to hear – bomb the Mexican illegals with drones, destroy all the mosques because they are satanic, remove Darwinism and evolution from schools, screw the minorities (oops, is he a minority? Of course not).

This guy is trying to be more white than whites. I suppose his ancestors must have been those ‘overseers’ on southern plantations, who would wield their whips against their own, in order to make their white masters happy.

Ben Carson actually believes that if the Republicans ignore the blacks, illegals and other minorities of America and  the whole of the evangelical white right can be persuaded to come into the fold, they will vote Republican and win him the White House. He does not realize that by 2050, 30% of Americans will be just Latinos!

America’s color is transforming and that pace is quickening. Birth rates are always exponential. As the nation’s skin darkens so are the chances of gaining the White House for The Republican Party of America, in it’s present racism, bigoted format.

In his dangerous ignorance, Dr. Carson has decided to wake up the ‘couch-potato, lazy, stay-at-home Republicans’ who don’t bother to haul themselves up to the polling booths. He does not realize that this fast-shrinking demographic is a myth. Besides, like the members of the NRA, they are all conscientious voters and always vote for their favorite redneck.