Why isn’t anyone inviting Michael Bloomberg to run for US Pres?

Bloomberg has all the qualifications that have made Donald Trump the Republican front runner. He has cash – 38 billion smackeroos – 10 times more than Trump (20 times, if Forbes is right).

Like Donald Trump, Bloomberg doesn’t need campaign finance. But unlike Trump, not only has he held public office, as mayor of the world’s richest, largest and hardest to govern metropolis, New York, but he has governed the city through three glorious terms.

As one commentator once put it, Bloomberg has all those qualities that Americans like in Trump and not a single one that they don’t. More importantly, Bloomberg is anti-gun lobby and could give the demonic NRA a run for their dirty money.

The only blip is that, being Jewish, Bloomberg uses his immense wealth to feed into Israel’s hegemonistic aims, thereby ensuring, albeit indirectly, that the Palestinians shall never be able to play on a level field.

There’s another more compelling reason why someone like Michael Bloomberg could never be President. Americans are basically two-faced : on one hand they keep doing a neat song and dance over the Holocaust and how Israel is their only true friend, but on the other hand they won’t be caught dead in a ditch with a Jewish US President. (Heck, they didn’t even consider a Mormon).

But step in anyway, Mike. At least we’ll then be rid of the Redneck Trumps, the Trophy Black Carsons and the Machiavelian Clintons.