I suddenly found myself confronting a community in which racism and bigotry were acceptable social practices. I was never able to establish friendships in my neighborhoods and was compelled to spend most of my time around the city’s Hebrew Day School, where I felt at least physically safe and emotionally protected.”  

– Jonathan Pollard, white American Jew, a US Naval Intelligence Officer who gave away some of America’s most well-kept strategic secrets to Israel.

(Pollard was justifying his treason by talking about the alienation he faced growing up in the US).


If I closed my eyes I could well imagine Dzokhar Tsarnaev speaking those words and not the member of a race that is one of the chosen, not only by God but even by the American establishment.

When Pollard was apprehended in 1985, the only remark Ronald Reagan made was ‘Ah, boys will be boys…’

Thereafter, Pollard remained incarcerated for 30 years inside a prison cell that looked more like the inside of a 5-star hotel than a jail, complete with a kosher chef and kitchen.

Now that he has been released, it is like checking out of the Ritz-Carlton and checking into the Trump Tower. The Jewish elite of New York are seeing to it that he wants for nothing. He is after all a hero to them and they are after all beholden to Israel, not to their own USA.

Just look at him and tell me he doesn’t look Machiavellian. I guess you have to be that, if you want to be a somebody in America.