On my way home from work yesterday, a Jewish man had parked his car on the side of the autoroute and was moving his torso back and forth in a comical tottering-toy style. He didn’t have a yarmulke or payots on both sides of his head (those curly pigtails) that orthodox Hasidic Jews sport.

The car had New Jersey plates on it and there was a young woman in black who had got off and was standing waitng by the car. This is Hannukah time and the sun was setting, so he must have been performing the ritual called ‘Shabbat’.

Muslims have something similar known as ‘Salah’, which is one of the five azhans (prayers) that they perform during the day. Unlike Jews, Muslims don’t clutch a booklet and move their torsos.

While this man rocked back and forth like a dummy, he was oblivious to the fact that he was holding up traffic which had slowed down to a crawl and like me other drivers had begun shooting pictures of him.

“Hey, ass–le, you blockin’ traffic!” someone shouted at him. The man didn’t seem to notice, lost in his reverence.

Oh yeah, anti-semitism runs deep in North America. Don’t let the establishment fool you into believing otherwise. They may have a B’nai Brith in every city and a Holocaust Museum in every street corner, but there is no way any Jew can ever become President of the US or PM of Canada.

What the American Presidential hopeful Ben Carson has announced about Muslims not being fit to be President, we are all practicing already with Jews – only silently. One of the current contenders, a Jewish Senator named Bernie Sanders, has just as much chance of being elected as a chicken has – of making it through the day in Biafra.

To me, prayer is an intensely private thing. Overt expressions of religiosity should be met with dollops of disgust. I firmly believe in the view that when someone overtly shows an emotion that could well have been expressed in private, chances are that deep down, he is a con.

To me, this guy was nothing but a nuisance, blocking traffic. To his Yahweh too, the guy probably seems the same way and He may be telling him the same thing, only in Yiddish….

“You’re blocking the traffic, ass–le!”