Funny how all of a sudden, the Saudis are the villains for executing forty odd murderous Sunni militants, who had it coming anyway. Haven’t the Americans honed that into a fine art through their weekly ‘signature’ drone strikes? 

Even more amazing is the western press’s penchant for portraying the Shiite cleri, Nimr-al-Nimr as a harmless dissident. Some have even waxed eloquent about how secular and progressive he was and how friendly he had been toward America. I suspect that this heart-bleed is based merely on a short one-on-one he had way back in 2008 with a US State Dept rep, in which he seemed to be bending over backward trying to please the US, for reasons that are obvious to even a 6-year old student of current affairs. Don’t the terms, ‘harmless’ and ‘cleric’ live in separate universes?

The Saudi Embassy in Tehran almost gets burned down in violation of every rule of diplomacy and that is okay. All of a sudden it is open season on Saudi Arabia and the start of a new love affair with Iran and Shiite Islam.

Commonly held notions of statecraft say that when you try to burn down someone’s embassy while the cops stand by and watch, he will of course cut diplomatic relations and he shall be justified in doing so. But not the Saudis, no, they are now the bad guys in the west’s new game called ‘jerk them off’. The Economist went so far as to call the Saudi move a ‘grave and foolish escalation in a febrile region’.

Maybe there is something else at play in the new chorus of condemnation of Saudi Arabia – revenge. Revenge for holding the oil extraction levels, driving down oil prices and thereby attempting to bankrupt the American shale oil industry. America doesn’t take attacks on the welfare of its big business kindly. History has shown this to be true in Iran 1953, Guatemala 1954 and Chile 1972.

I am no fan of the Saudis and I believe they are finally getting what has been coming to them in a long while. Given the emergence of ISIS, the f–k-up in Yemen and now the distancing of the US, this may be the beginning of the end of the House of Saud. Good riddance. The current attempt by the 30-year old Prince Muhammad, to turn the Saudi Arabian economy into another Dubai, is not going to save either his or his dad’s ass. The best chance he has of seeing old age is to abdicate and settle in the US. Oops, he has to do that pronto, before the Donal Trump ban sets in.

And like everything else that has gripped the Middle East ever since George Dubya decided to invade Iraq in 2003, it is the Iranians who are prancing all the way to the bank.