I once knew a young lady on Facebook who was a very talented singer. She had this online account where you could upload your own music. She would record songs that she sang while doing the dishes or washing veggies in her kitchen. You could hear the water in the kitchen sink running and all.

I am almost certain she didn’t just happen to want to be humming a tune while she was doing the dishes. The fact that when she began a song she sang it right through, from start to finish non-stop, with the water running continuously all the while, told me that either she had a whole lot of dishes ta wash or that this was a deliberate thing. I would settle for the latter possibility.

When she sang she didn’t hum like most of us would – she sang the songs clearly in a practiced manner, taking care to have her laptop or some other sort of recording device on, close by. Her voice didn’t fade in and out – as it would, if she was moving around. I got the sense that she was pretty much stationary in front of the sink or right next.

I do not know why she insisted on recording her voice where there was a constant background noise of running water. Maybe she was shy and unsure of how she sounded and she wanted the comfort of a blanket sound muffling her natural voice (which by the way was extraordinary).

I am certain the running water noise was not an attempt at smoothing over off-key notes. This woman was very very good and couldn’t have sung off-key even if she wanted ta. I thought of the dishwasher angle but had ta discard it. She liked only the running water noise, not any other noise. For instance, there is no frying noise or pressure cooker hiss or ‘giving chak’ noise (she is Bengali and every Bengali knows what giving chak is. If you aren’t a Bengali, date one and she’ll tell you what giving chak is).

But strangely, the noise of the water and the occasional clink of utensils actually seemed to enhance the depth of her voice and made it a huge turn-on.

I could ask her about the running water fetish of course, but unfortunately we aren’t friends on FB anymore these days, the reasons for which are strictly G-13 classified. If I told you, I would have ta kill you. 😀