Late US Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia (photo courtesy businessinsider.com)

American Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia has died suddenly. Judges die, just like the rest of us and hardly any eyelids should bat over that.

But this guy was a racist ultra conservative jerk. Just a few months back he grandly stated that the racial discrimination against black university students can be easily solved if they don’t insist on enrolling in the top colleges where the course loads are hard and blacks just aren’t up to too much brain work.

In my book, anyone who makes statements like that is definitely a jerk and when he leaves the land of the living, it is usually very good riddance. I don’t frankly care whether his soul rests in peace or it doesn’t.

No guesses on which political party feels the loss more – the racist Republican Party of course. Now they want to delay the appointment of the replacement so the next President can pick the candidate – who they are deluded into hoping will be a Republican President. If you watched the last Republican Primary debate, which looked like the feeding frenzy of a bunch of hyenas, you will agree that an LSD-fueled hallucination trip would be more practical.

The US Supreme Court has 9 judges and before Scalia kicked it, 5 were conservatives and 4 liberal. With Scalia gone, it is now 4-4 even steven. And this is an election year. And whether a Supreme Court judge can pass redneck legislation matters hugely in a racist nation. The Republicans don’t want that balance to change from 5-4 to 4-5.

Understandable. How else can American policemen keep running down and killing unarmed black men with abandon and get away with it?