Someone remarked in a post about Donald Trump recently, in a sort of grudgingly admiring tone…

“Trump just says out loud what they all do behind your back. We need a hero, I’m looking out for a hero at the end of the night!”

I am so tired of this “Trumps says it like he sees it’ crap that I could puke. Am I supposed to be thrilled that Trump says things that ‘others’ won’t outright, even if they happen to be crude, unadulterated lies?

I understand that she probably didn’t mean that she herself supported such a sentiment, but shouldn’t she have been more unequivocal in her condemnation of it? After all, she wouldn’t lose a second condemning moderate Muslims who do not speak up against Islamic radicalism.

Then, about America needing a hero – really? Even with a population of 350 mill, American still does not have any heroes? America was a disaster waiting to happen, ever since Lyndon Johnson came to power, but now it is officially a disaster zone.

I see two paths ahead –

With the emergence out of the woodwork of the Ku Klux Klan and violent Trump rally supporters who have begun behaving like Hitler’s Brown Shirts and also with ordinary white folks like the woman I referred to above, who will probably turn and look the other way and mind their own business when white nationalism goes on violent rampage, maybe it is time for all Americans with skin tones even a bit darker than pristine white, to start thinking of evacuating?


Americans will do the right thing, something that history has shown Americans never to have done.

Perhaps there is a third option being mulled over on golf courses and back rooms of country clubs in Republican America…. for the greater good – an option that the American establishment has indeed not hesitated to use before – assassinating Trump. American’s are attention-deficit and have extremely short memories.

A commission – maybe a 1000-page Mitt Romney Commission Report will later determine that ‘a lone deranged gunman did it.’ Case closed.

Watch out for them grassy knolls, Don. (I wouldn’t be missing you though).