I have decided to tune out of the US Presidential race. I am not tired of Donald Trump’s rhetoric or anyone else’s, no. I’m tired of being told how the poor poor American people are fed up and angry and that is exactly why they are making a beeline for Donald Trump.

Here is a nation of pampered citizens, born with a sense of entitlement and superiority, swaggering their way to just about any place on earth. Beer-bellied, gun toting rednecks in pickup trucks who, in spite of there being free high schools and vocational diploma courses, do not bother to go to them.

On the other end, there are hard-working, generally law-abiding immigrants, not only standing up on their own two feet but going on to become successful in whatever they do. They recognize the opportunities America provides, while the Trump crowds sit on their front porches and bellyache.

We, the outside world, are supposed to believe that the system is rigged against them. Over the past year, I have seen even college educated Americans constantly harping on how the ‘nation is going down the drain’, egged on by populists like Sanders and Trump. Do they even care about the ‘system’ at all?

An American colleague who has been posted in South Asia for years once said this to me….

“we don’t really get a perspective on what we have until we spend time away from it. Just like you didn’t realize the nuances of your family, how your mother arranged stuff neatly for you or your father made sure your school bag had all the things you needed for the next day, how your school uniform was always ready and ironed and your eggs and toast just the way you wanted them – until you went over to a friend’s for a sleepover and realized how dysfunctional his family was.

Similarly, you often don’t see what’s great about your country until you step outside of it and see how people elsewhere struggle to survive, while in their own way still being happy and satisfied with their lot. Americans expect too much out of their government, without having to lift a finger.”

The cacophony surrounding Trump and his supporters reminds me of the truth in my colleague’s words.

Here’s a few things that Americans have to realize and I am speaking to not only America’s rednecks but even moderately educated Americans…..

* Being American is not some kind of golden sash, medal or badge of honor. Folks outside aren’t terribly impressed by you, except maybe a handful of really pioneering guys like Elon Musk and Steve Jobs. You might have grown up being taught that you are the best, but a frightening majority of the rest of the world do not think so.

* A majority of human beings around the world do not understand you, nor do they understand why you do the things that you do – like for instance you take a year and half to elect a president, confident that at the end of it you’ll have a supestar superman as your president – and what do you do? You elect an ass–le like George W. Bush – not once, but twice.

* From what interaction I have had with Americans (and I have had plenty, at least at work), you come across as folks who demand that we either love you or we hate you. In fact we do neither. So full are you, of your self importance, that like an immature school kid who got a bad grade and got pissed off with his teacher, you believe that the world should always grade you ‘excellent’. You may be, in your eyes, but I have some news for you – the world actually does not care that much about you.

* Most of you display an astonishing ignorance about the rest of the world, be it history, geography or political affairs. A Pew Research study done in 2013 showed that 64% of 3000 Americans polled had no idea where Iraq was on the world map. And yet, this is the country that your military has devastated and for no reason at all. A full 73% have no clue as to where on the map Vietnam is. Yet, this was the country where a full 5% of the population was wiped out, fighting your aggression, again, for no reason at all.

So, here’s my advice to you – stop bitching, get off your redneck butts and start contributing to the health and welfare of your nation.