The disgraced Democratic National Committee chair, Debbie Wasserman Schultz


Why, Uncle Bernie? Why oh why must you turn gooey and mushy, just when you had the chance to hit back?The first time was that moment in one of the debates when Bernie, in a mistaken sense of magnanimity, blurted out how America was sick of hearing about Hillary’s ‘damn emails’.

We are not sick of Hillary’s emails, just her duplicity, Bernie.

And now this strangely subdued tone in his demeanor, blinded by yet another piece of misjudgement – the need to defeat a man like Trump, instead of the necessity to elect an honest and trustworthy Democrat. It does not matter to Bernie Sanders that, in order to defeat Trump, he first has to have a genuine human being nominated from his side, not a liar and a cheat.

I am beginning to wonder if Bernie isn’t just a dreamer but a stupid dreamer too. One of the attributes of a successful leader is knowing when he is needed and stepping in and annihilating the opposition. In this, Bernie, you have been found woefully wanting.

You were wrong, Bernie. The emails are a huge huge issue and even more huger is Hillary Clinton’s desperate efforts to sweep them under the rug, instead of owning up her mistake. Why only the Republican supporters? Even I would like to see Hillary locked up, for criminal neglect.


A little background – for those reading this, who have not been following the US Elections 2016…….

As the race to the White House has been heating up, something that was suspected by observers all along has now been revealed by Wikileaks to be completely true – that the Democratic National Committee, instead of being impartial, has been on the side of Hillary Clinton all through the nomination process, actively sabotaging the chances of Bernie Sanders and trying to get Hillary nominated as the Democratic Presidential candidate, through deceit and subterfuge.


The DNC has done something despicable and duplicitous and every single office bearer must be made to pay. The entire DNC executive must be chucked out on their collective asses.

The one Democratic candidate who could whip Trump’s ass in November – Bernie Sanders – is now clearly shown to be a victim of a despicable and fraudulent party apparatus. He has been deliberately sidelined in a criminal conspiracy of the most heinous proportions, instead of being nominated. Who will forget those Saturday late night debate schedules?

In spite of wide swathes of the electorate having been insulted, disparaged and alienated by Trump – to such an extreme that all a Democratic nominee just had to do was simply breathe, the election is now all but lost for this Clinton broad.

And Russian hackers? Give me a break. I am willing to bet it was a whistle blower within the DNC, plain and simple, who couldn’t take the deceit anymore.

Again, Putin is a pragmatic man. He does not believe in Trump coming to his support when it comes to the crunch, so unreliable and unpredictable has Trump shown himself to be.

I think Putin understands that America is inside such a deep financial shithole that for the next two decades at least, there are absolutely no chances of an American military intervention if Russia chooses to wade into Lithuania or Estonia or any one of those little guys bordering Russia.

Putin knew this all along in fact. Don’t we see China building a whole island in the middle of the Pacific and arming that island to the teeth, with absolute impunity?

America is now a hollow shell of the radiant beacon that it once had been. Decades of hegemony, self-appointed greed and racism have reduced it to a lumbering old giant, gasping – exhausted by its wars of aggression – teetering before it comes crashing down.

America is Assyria, in 612BC.

Yes, Putin would be thrilled if the EU breaks up, no question about it, but Trump? I doubt if Putin could care less one way or another, if Trump exists or he doesn’t. It is the American public’s sense of self importance that makes them think that any of their leaders, even Trump, are as big as they really are.

Hillary is a piece of fraud. President Obama, you were a willing abettor of this heinous subterfuge and in this, you have let the American public down. Shame on you, Sir. Now, stop canvassing anymore for a liar and a cheat!!!