(pics courtesy GQ & Cosmipolitan Magazine)

The elections in America somehow manage to bring out the basest instincts in the mass media of the western world, which literally stop caring about even the most basic tenets of journalistic ethics.

Right now they have decided to play the puritan, smearing Melania Trump for appearing in photo shoots naked two decades before she was even married to Donald Trump, their aim – to show Donald Trump up as somehow immoral, in the eyes of America’s puritan, evangelical nutcase constituency, which four out of ten white Christian Americans just happen to be.

Coming so close on the heels of the Russian DNC emails hack, there is very little doubt in my mind that this is payback.

Those photos have always been in the archives of smut magazines and tabloids, but some fresh-faced interns at The Daily Mail and the New York Post must have been put to work, going over back issues of GQ and Max Magazine and coming up with anything that would seem to the American electorate as unbecoming of the FLOTUS.

Personally I have found nothing smutty about any of the photos and feel that they were quite tastefully done. They celebrate exuberantly the beauty of the nude female form. Although I think her legs were a bit sinewy and long, Melania Trump seems to have had dream breasts back in those days – perfect spheroids, neither droopy, nor precociously jutting, their nipples seeming neither inconspicuous nor like arrogant Nazi salutes.

(If you’re looking for the Nazi salute on this blog piece, I left it out. I don’t want one of my older readers to sue me, post-mortem, for instigating cardiac arrest).

In keeping with the whole point of taking such pictures, Melania looks sultry, husky and sensuous, almost like a Messalina, instead of a Melania.

Valeria Messalina(17-48AD), the third wife of the Roman Emperor, Claudius, was one horny woman. Maybe it was Claudius’s known inability to perform, but Messalina couldn’t have enough of it. So much so, that just a few weeks after she was married to Claudius, she began visiting brothels where she serviced thirty to forty men in a night, disguised as a whore.

Melania is certainly not Messalina and posing in the nude is not immoral. Heck, the west is teeming with nudists’ colonies where men and women walk around without a stitch on. Orgies, spouse swaps and swinging are so common that I thank the almighty Lord I am so straight-laced.

Besides porn is a deeply rooted part of western culture. France hasn’t had a single leader since Louis IV, who didn’t have a concubine and American Presidents have been known to fornicate outside of their marriages on a fairly regular basis, while American Senators have flown to the Andes for a f–k and Congressmen told their wives they were going hiking when in fact they were on a flight to Argentina for a weekend of honest to goodness shtupping. Governors are not to be left behind, recorded reveling in lurid, explicit phone sex that would turn even my ears red.

I hate the very thought of Donald Trump as President of the United States, but does even he deserve this smear campaign?