The Roman God, Janus. At least he didn’t have ta worry about watching his back

The Romans had a special god for doorways, called ‘Janus – the Two-Faced’. The month of January derives its name from this God, signifying a new beginning, after old endings.

Janus is said to have presided over Rome’s gates,bridges and arches, the statues erected in his honor depicting two heads, facing in opposite directions. He can thus see into future as well as the past.

But what about the present? The Romans didn’t specify if Janus stood for the present as well. They couldn’t, since the concept hadn’t occurred to them – the period of time, however fleeting, between the past and the future.

Hindu sages had given a name to that period – Sandhi – the pause, between what has just happened and what is about to happen. When the Hindu goddess, Durga, delivered the knockout to the Mahishahura, the demon god, his two sidekicks, Chando and Mundo appeared out of the woodwork to challenge her. Of course they were no match for her ten hands and soon gave in.

The period that followed the killings was the Sandhi – the pause between the evil past and the virtuous future. Today, devout Hindus offer a prayer on the evening of the 8th day of the full moon in October (the ashtami), a ritual known as ‘Sandhi Puja’.

The period while Donald Trump waits ta ascend the throne, likewise, is America’s (and the world’s) Sandhi, a lull – before the cataclysmic storm, which is all but inevitable.

Sadhguru, that funny guy we all love to listen to says, “What you perceive as precious is not time but the one point that is outside time – the Now. That is precious indeed. The more one is focused on the past or the future, the more one is likely to miss the precious present.”

And I agree. That’s why I just decided ta go out and buy the latest Iphone7 and call Scarlett Johanssen on it. Now.

I want ta be inside the Sandhi all the fookin time.