I think I have finally been able to identify something on which Donald Trump and I are in complete agreement.

During a recent Christmas gathering, Trump announced “Merry Christmas. And I want you to know that that’s what it will be from now – Merry Christmas.”

I am a Hindu, but Trump is right to assert the way the greeting must be said. In a country where 96.5% of the people are Christians, that is what the greeting should be – and not that stupid, politically correct ‘happy holidays’.

Who is the pea brain who even thought that one up, I wonder. Happy holidays! What will they say next? Like if I want to go to the loo, should you be cheerily calling after me, ‘Happy loo!!!’ Should there be a whole pantheon of Happy greetings then? ‘Happy doggy style!’ ‘Happy traffic jam!!’ ‘ Happy diahrrea!’

In India, which isn’t even 96% Hindu, we openly greeted folks (even other Hindus) during Christmas with ‘Merry Christmas’. Or at least I and the folks surrounding me did. Likewise, I never heard anybody ever say ‘happy holidays’ at Dussehra or Diwali.

There could be an argument like, ‘what if the person you are greeting is non-christian? Won’t it offend them?’ To that, my response would be,’most definitely no. Not if they are sufficiently open-minded.’ Example: If you know that the person you are about greet is say a Jew, nothing stops you from saying ‘Happy Hanukkah’ to him, but even if you don’t and you say,’merry christmas’ instead, trust me – he’ll understand.

I never even heard of ‘happy holidays’ until I stepped foot in Canada.

If anybody even dares to tell me ‘happy holidays’ this Christmas, chances are that those shall be the last spoken words from him, because I’m going to strangle the bastard.