At work, we have a process known as DIALOG, run by an outside audit organisation, created to encourage whistle blowers to blow the whistle and also to speak our minds on the state of things as we see them. We are assured no action shall be taken against us for submitting a DIALOG report. I am a deeply cynical man and therefore, I have never submitted a DIALOG report, but I am told that the reports are taken seriously and that the process is truly fair and confidential. Amen to that.

Here is my DIALOG report – to God, more specifically – to the God of the Judeo-Christians. (My own Hinduism has 100-plus Gods. Writing a DIALOG report to all of them will be a pain in the ass and so I hope that the God of the Judeo-Christians, since he is all-knowing and probably knows his Hindu cousins, will kindly pass my message on to the others).

There’s a piece I’d written way back, in 2012, frankly not one of my good ones, just a comment on a movie about the power of goodness that I had seen. The piece is flat and by no means can it be called a seminal example of blogging. About the film, Silent Night (2002), it has met with only middling acclaim, having won only four Gemini Award nominations. Silent Night has not been particularly successful commercially either. If you haven’t heard of it, you’re not alone.

All that’s fine. I have written many mediocre pieces about mediocre subjects, no big deal. Anyways, here’s the link to the piece, if you would like to check it out……

Silent Night – Fritz Vincken’s Christmas Eve


‘Silent night’ lies quietly in one corner of my blog site all year long, unnoticed, until BOOM! Every December, viewership of that one single piece goes through the roof. My WordPress stats page tells me that this December alone, this piece has been viewed 2132 times. Out of the total, 1871 views have been from the US alone. If you consider the fact that my blog attracts around 12000 views per year and there are 500 distinct pieces in it, then 2132 views on a single month on a single piece is a big deal.

Yesterday’s stats alone showed 189 views. A few extra views I can understand, since last night was Christmas Eve and the setting of the movie is Christmas Eve, somewhere deep in the Ardennes, Nazi-occupied Belgium, in the waning days of the Second World War 1944, about an incident that really happened. But 189 views? It is not as if my blog has all of a sudden been ‘discovered’. It has always been around, garnering 25-30 page views a day on an average.

Another thing – the same piece had only 900 and 700 views in December 2015 and December 2014 respectively. The sudden burst of viewership to 2132, a nearly three-fold increase over the previous year and that too for a single piece about goodness, set me thinking that today there must be a desperate need among us all for the affirmation that there is still some goodness in the world and perhaps that need, like the cymbals in Wagner’s Götterdämmerung, rises to a crescendo by Christmas.

And then, exactly the way a man feels completely asexual immediately after an orgasm, that desire to feel good about ourselves wanes right after Christmas, leaving us strangely satiated and free to turn back into the petty, deceitful, selfish, greedy and sanctimonious individuals that we are, deep within. Check out crowd behavior on Boxing Day (Dec 26th) and you’ll know what I am talking about.

For some strange reason, the Judeo-Christian faith tries to bind the world in its embrace by telling us what a bunch of f–cked up losers we all are – that we need redemption, salvation, saving, etc, etc. The mantra between the lines, inside the pages of these religions is simple – ‘Keep followers sufficiently guilt-ridden and offer them the hope of a panacea’. Something like McAffee – create a virus and then eradicate it.

The messiahs and prophets that the God of these religions sends us from time to time, don’t bring laughter, good cheer, joy, merriment and prosperity – no, they don’t. Being happy or simply trying to have ourselves a ball is considered a sin, by them. Their single minded (almost fanatical) purpose is to ‘save’ our souls from eternal damnation. That is why during religious festivals such as Christmas, food banks are packed with food to the door jambs and there is a mad rush to give to charity and feed the poor – while the rest of the year is firmly occupied by naked mayhem.

Jesus was one such misguided messiah who, not only did he not save any of us at any given point in history, he actually left the world in a far bigger cesspool than the one it had already been in.

Of course for Jesus at the time, the definition of ‘world’ was a tiny 8000 square mile stretch of arid countryside on the eastern banks of the Mediterranean. Six times zones to the east, if a tax collector of the Xin Dynasty Emperor Genshi-Di was repeatedly raping the wives of farmers who couldn’t pay their taxes, Jesus wouldn’t be concerned about that, since he would have no clue it was happening.

But what about Jesus’s Dad, the so-called God of everything, all-knowing, all-powerful? Surely he would have known if there was suffering elsewhere in the world? Why didn’t he send them some messiahs? Surely he had enough of a stockpile of messiahs at all times? Why, Islam, one of the Abrahamic religions, claims 450000 messiahs. He could have taken a few on loan, couldn’t he, to prevent rape during the tyranny of Xin in China or Onjo in Korea, or Purindrasena in India or Vonones in Parthia?

Christmas, like Durga Puja, Diwali and every other festival that leans on religion, is a sham whose time is just about over. It is time for humanity to free itself from the shackles of religion and move on. Religion has never come to our aid and it never will. It is nothing but a feel-good myth. It was a bunch of sham Christians that go by the demographic grouping known in America as ‘the evangelicals’, whih helped elect a truly Satanic individual called Donald Trump – a man who has made a mockery of every one of the Ten Commandments.

My message to the God of the Judeo-Christians on this eminently holy yuletide season – “Almighty Lord, stop messing us up with your messiahs and leave us alone. Leave Jesus out of Christmas and rename it Lets all have a ball and I might agree to be a part of it. And if you can’t help the urge and must send us another messiah, don’t send us a Middle-Eastern man this time.  Over here, they hate Middle-Easterns.”