Americans may be in for a long period of civil unrest, civil disobedience, street protests and harsh human rights abuses. It may build up to such a crescendo that public services and government functioning may be paralyzed.

After a year America might begin looking like one of those banana republics it loved to prop up in the ’50s.

Usually empires (even professionally run empires like the Roman empire), peak in two, maybe three centuries and then begin to slide downward into disintegration.

The first signs of the disintegration of an empire emerge through the paranoia and the wars that the empire fights – conflicts that turn into destructive slugfests that in the end amount to fruitless exercises.

The endgame draws near when even pipsqueak nations (like The Phillipines) develop the balls to start thumbing their noses at the empire.

It is now four centuries since America began and two since it became a leader. And six decades since the fruitless wars started. And a couple of years since the nose thumbing began taking on epidemic proportions.

Just as the Voyager-1 – now beyond the Kuiper Belt – has long outlived its service life, so have it’s creators. It is now time for the decline.

Long used to calling their President ‘the most powerful man on earth’, Americans have had this longstanding penchant for using superlatives. Right now the confirmation hearing for AG is on and we frequently hear about how ‘the US Attorney General is the most powerful criminal prosecutor in the world’.

The age of superlatives may finally be coming to an end, thank god.

The question remains as to whether America will go down in one big convulsion of a supernova or whether it will peter out, gradually ravaged by its rapacious oligarchs. Or maybe America will come crashing down simply by one of Newton’s laws (I forget which) that says ‘what goes up, must come down’.

And since everything happens faster today than it did during the Roman times, the pace of America’s decline too will probably be quicker than it had been with the Romans or the Ottomans, who took centuries to go down.

It is unrealistic to expect a superpower (aka empire) to reign forever.