Let’s for a moment set aside America’s embarrassing classified stuff being revealed – not ten or twenty docs but full 250000.

Every nation has its secrets, some of those cringeworthy. Can anybody hazard a guess on what would have happened to Chelsea Manning if she had been in, say India or Iran or Russia. She would have been executed summarily.

There are skeletons and there are cupboards, but if every traitor was feted as a whistleblower, the word ‘traitor’ would become an oxymoron.

Chelsea Manning was not a whistleblower. She could not possibly have read all 250000 docs and found each and every one to be a damning indictment of America’s hegemonistic cruelty.

Chelsea Manning revealed info that she had sworn to protect. Info that, when revealed, made her own country a subject of ridicule. She broke the fucking law.

And now comes the best part – the master stroke: Bradley Manning becomes this oh so cutipie vulnerable waif girl, Chelsea, whom that cruel cruel government is persecuting.

No matter that she put many undercover sources and fixers in the Middle East at risk by her actions.

I have no position on whether she should have served her full sentence or not. But can we please stop applauding a manipulating cross dresser?