Canadians at anti-Trump march, Washington DC. Yesterday, some Canadians were barred entry into the US when they brazenly told the American border authorities they were going to Washington to join the march.


Yet another bleeding heart stupidly mistaken pain-in-the-ass liberal story.

Say you wanted to come into my house and at the front door, you tell me on my face there’s something about the goings on in my household you don’t like and you’re coming in to protest. I would kick you outa there so fast, the boot print would remain on your butt forever.

If a Nepalese wants to cross the border into India and he tells the Indian border guys at the check point that he’s coming in to join in the protests in Mumbai against the trafficking and prostitution of underage Nepalese girls, would the Indian customs wave him through with a smile of welcome and holler behind him,”Have a nice protest, bro!” ???? Or maybe a Bangladeshi Muslim – would he be allowed to cross over if he said he was going to Srinagar to join in a solidarity march with the oppressed Kashmiris?

Why does America have to be villied at every fucking step, by the imbeciles in the liberal media?

Listen you Canadian richardheads – it is America’s sovereign right to refuse you entry if you act like audaciously stupid jerks, looking to stir up more trouble, when there already is enough going on down there. It is their own internal business, you alimentary-canal-ends. Protest all you want, but have the decorum to do it from your side of the fence.

Showing solidarity? What solidarity? What movement? Leave the American liberals alone, to find their own solidarity and their own movement first, among themselves – just the way that the ‘alt right’ showed it could be done. Did the Canadian alt righters come across the border to stand in solidarity with ’em?

If I were the American official at the border I would tell those Canadians to go fuck themselves. Maybe guys like these should – if they have richards long enough to do the job.