The entry ban against Muslims from seven specific nations wanting to visit the US is indeed one strange list and here’s why…….

A 2015 study by the well-known American conservative think tank, The Cato Institute, listed Muslim majority nations and the number of Americans killed by their citizens over a 45-year period starting 1970. Curiously, the findings of the study showed that not a single American had been killed by anyone from the seven countries on the ban, in that period of time.

The study also covered Muslim nations that hadn’t been banned by Trump and here are the findings of the study…..




UAE / 314

EGYPT / 162

The same study also puts a figure on the chances that an American will be killed by a terrorist within US territory – 1 in 3.6 million and the chances that that killer terrorist will be a refugee – 1 in 3.8 billion.

Interesting, though not incomprehensible. America could lose the right to use it’s air force bases and other military assets in those four nations if they were to be included in the ban, while Trump might lose control over the properties that he owns and operates in some of them. It was never a question of keeping Americans safe.

But having said that, let’s consider this – according to the UNHCR, nearly 75% of the 21 million refugees in the world who are desperately looking for a place that will let them in, are Muslims – fleeing other Muslims – in Muslim majority nations, unable to stand the oppression and the lack of personal liberty.

That cannot be palmed off on Western aggression because the bizarre practices and the brutality had been there even before the Americans set foot in Iraq. Saddam Hussein was having prisoners burned alive decades before George W invaded Iraq. Islam is one of only two religions in the world (Christianity is the other) which not only recommend wholesale slaughter of ‘infidels’ in certain specific contexts, but their holy texts even show you the modus operandi in graphic detail. Muslims hurt other Muslims far more than they hurt non-Muslims.

Making it worse is the disunity, even among the oppressed. And its not just run-of-the-mill disunity. Belonging to a different sect in the Muslim world could mean the difference between whether they let you live or they kill you. In a tiny nation like Syria, you have Shias, Salafi and Wahabi Sunnis and ‘moderates’, each at the other’s throat, each claiming to be the true guardians of Islam.


The holy Islamic scriptures consist of two separate sets of documents – the first is the Holy Quran itself, which is believed by Muslims to be the very word of God, words that were dictated by God himself and therefore considered inviolate. The second are a bunch of documents known as Hadiths, written by the Prophet’s close confidantes, recording in the minutest detail what purports to be the words and actions of the Prophet, implying that all Muslims must live the way the Prophet lived. While the Quran is the hearts and minds section of Islam, the hadiths are the blood, gore and mayhem sequels.

While the Quran really does sound and feel like a spiritual document, the hadiths give you the sense of having been compiled by a bunch of nutcase eager beaver Brietbart reporters who write stuff that they think their boss, Steve Bannon, would be pleased with. They are a riot of fake premises, half-truths, ultra-right wing nationalism, bigotry and misogyny.

One of the hadiths makes certain stark prophesies, the first of which says that across the world the injustices against Muslims will increase until they reach a breaking point. Then, two ‘saviors’ will arise – one will be known as the ‘Mahdi’ (divinely guided Caliph) and he will unite and empower Muslims. The ISIS’s Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi is a weirdo who has got it into his pea brain that he is the Mahdi (even though he is inches away from being toast).

The second savior will then make his appearance and he’ll be Baghdadi’s immediate boss. Allah will handpick this guy from his pool of 450000 veteran prophets and he will be known as the Messiah. This time the Messiah won’t be Prophet Mohammad, but Jesus. Yeah, you got that right – good old JHC.

Many Christians too believe in the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, but that’s where the similarity ends. The hadiths say that JHC’s second name is modesty and that the first thing he will do is sign an executive order abolishing Christianity, because he says it worships him, his idol and that’s un-Islamic. JHC will unequivocally confirm the primacy of Islam over all other faiths.

If you access the back issue of the online ISIS magazine, Dabiq, there is one which has on it’s cover the image of an ISIS fighter balancing himself on a church spire and knocking down the cross. The photo carries an inscription ‘break the cross’. The inscription draws it’s meaning from a line in one of the hadiths that envisions an almost psychotic Jesus Christ…..’The son of Mary will descend on you as a just ruler. He will break the cross and kill the swine, whether they be grown men and women or mere babies in their mothers’ wombs.’

2012 Pew Research Poll concludes that in the Muslim majority nations of the world, upto 60% of all Muslims actually believe in the hadith’s version of the apocalypse and the pursuant ‘second coming’, which they know as Yawmul-Akhir. They even believe that it is going to happen during their lifetime.

It is interesting how almost all Muslims, when caught in a bind, like to leave the dirty work to their own tooth fairies – the ‘divinely guided mahdis’. The thought of taking their own destinies in their own hands and trying to fix their own issues by themselves and in the process being productive citizens of the world, does not even occur to them. No introspection, no constructive review or criticism, no effort to change with times, is tolerated. What I cannot comprehend is if God is omnipotent, where is the need for mahdis and messiahs?

The hadiths make the possibility of reaching a compromise with other faiths of the world and living in peaceful brotherhood and mutual respect nearly impossible, unless of course you want to be seen as an apostate and risk getting your head chopped off. The urge to open a dialogue with other faiths in earnest, is non-existent. Hey, the sectarian hadiths even bar a Shia from talking compromise with a Sunni.

Like the perpetually sorrowful Sulochana of Bollywood movies, torn and buffetted by abuse and bad luck, Muslims also see themselves as victims, unaware that they are being muzzled and then hobbled by their own faith – one that for the past fifteen hundred years has been promising utopia and has not only not delivered but it has actually made it more and more difficult for its followers to carry on their daily lives.


Getting back to the question of the deluge of refugees from Islamic nations, what is the only thing that will make Muslims stop thinking of fleeing to the west and remain where they are?

Ironically, the answer to that might lie in Trump’s Muslim ban. In Trump’s ban, I see a silver lining………

Sanctuary destinations are shrinking all over the west and reaching a safe haven is now all but impossible. Even for those who have safely made it and gained asylum, life is starkly different from the bed of roses that they had dreamed of, what with the exponential increase in Islamophobia-related hate crimes all across the west.

On top of it all, the Second Coming seems to have been taken by JHC literally to mean another orgasm. He is probably having a whale of a time up there with all those pretty cherubs and seraphs who don’t believe in clothes. JHC is nowhere in sight, probably AWOL.

Perhaps Trump is inadvertently accelerating history toward a tipping point where, by some weird osmosis, the oppression in a western host nation will become just as frightening as it had been in the refugee’s land of birth. Maybe that is when, having no place to go, Muslims the world over will want to turn around and fight their own true oppressors, in order to make their own lives better, in their own land. After all, their own holy book in countless of chapters, keeps repeating like a broken record that they must fight oppression.

Until then, the true meaning of the word jihad will continue to elude Muslims and the Islam that today’s Muslims practice will remain the hollow caricature of the one that their prophet had really envisaged.