The Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, shit scared Trump will pull the American security umbrella from Japan and leave it at the mercy of North Korea. (photo courtesy: The Independent)

Doesn’t Shinzo look like he just pooped in his pants? Right at that moment, if Trump had told him to get down on his knees and blow him, trust me – Shinzo would, right in front of the TV cameras.

So, l’il Shinzy Shoo is trembling, while Trump is enjoying not only Shinzy’s naked terror, but he’s actually eyeing the interpreter’s boobs. Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to a demagogue’s world.

How did we get this low? Is God punishing the world with Trump, in some weird Biblical way, for our collective degeneration over the ages? Like, are we now the citizens of Sodom? or is it Gomorrah? Heck, the Bible has so much BS, I couldn’t care less which.

But if the Almighty Lord (the Christian one) is indeed disappointed, I want ta tell ‘im, ‘Big Guy, I’m a Hindu and Hindu Gods don’t punish, period’. While the Christian God floats around in heaven in flowing white chiffon, striving ta look ethereal, Hindu Gods are mostly buck naked – morning, noon and night. I know one, the chief himself (Shiva), who smokes hash and while he’s blown, his female groupies worship his engorged ‘linga’.

Hey, Hinduism legalized marijuana in 300BC. Three decades after, in 270BC, a horny guy called Vatsayana couldn’t stand it no more. The spirit was willing but the flesh was weak. He was a perverted shriveled old ugly introvert. No woman would give him even a first glance, let alone let him touch her even with a barge pole. So Vatsayana did the only thing that he could – he wrote. He wrote the treatise on sex called ‘Kama Sutra’, an ‘all-you-need-ta-know kinda book, a body of work that has never ever been disputed.


Ahem, a Kama Sutra tip. It might save your marriage and you’ll thank me for this one.  (Photo courtesy : Vatsayana the Horny)


Reading it…wait, one doesn’t ‘read’ the Kama Sutra……. I was informed that women liked being penetrated anally more, than the regular way. But would that leave her poop on the tip of my ding-a-long? The Kama Sutra fails ta clarify this and I hate ‘loose ends’.

If you stop ta really think of it, the Kama Sutra is to sex what Obamacare is, ta healthcare. It just won’t go away.