A funny thing happened today.

I won’t name the establishment because I don’t want the guy representing it who spoke to me getting into trouble with his employers.

There’s this organisation – a famous world wide thing that is everywhere – which I, like a lot of others, am a member of. They have a points card and the more you use their card, the more the points accumulate. (I have a grand in Canadian smackeroonies in my kitty by now).

The catch is that you can’t just ask them to hand over the money. The only way you can use, no – redeem – your points is by buying something, like maybe an air ticket or a cruise or something.

I called them today to find out whether there was a ceiling on the number of smackeroos I could accumulate or if they expired due to unuse after a certain time had lapsed.

The guy on the other end went,” You can pile up as much as you want, man, it’s cool. Why, just the other day there was this dude on the line who had two grand in and didn’t know what ta do with all those smackeroonies.”

The tone and language kinda brought me up a bit. ‘Man’, ‘dude’, ‘ta’, ‘smakerooney’ – these are the kinds of words I use daily at work with my blue-collar buddies. I felt an instant connection.

“You’re kidding me. This dude has two grand he doesn’t know how ta blow it?” I was warming to this guy.

“Yea, man, I toal ‘im he could do whatever the fuck he wanted with it. He could let it be and watch it keep groan or he could spend it on a crooze with a broad with big tits.” And he chuckled. I burst out laughing.

“Thanks, bud!”

“You got it, man. Now if you’ll only respond favorably to the pop-up survey on my services after this, I’ll be grateful.”

“I sure will, dude, I sure will.” I left the survey a glowing heartfelt rating.

In that instant I realized that how you say what you say is so fucking important.


Ps:Nomenclature Clarification – One smackeroony is 1 Canadian dollar.