I watched the match and frankly I think the cartoon was not only apt but hilarious too. I don’t know what rich white liberals are bitching about.

To recap, here’s what went down in the US Open women’s final, where Serena Williams smashed two rackets and called the umpire a thief, all because she could not get her act together in front of an opponent who looked obviously like a better player…

The umpire was 100% correct in his decisions, but instead of taking due care, Serena Williams was petulant, rude. When awarded a fine and penalized a game, she whined,” Male players aren’t treated this way.”

Sure, male players may be treated more leniently, but that is a systemic problem. It does not justify unloading on the umpire in this particular instance. This is not a court of law where Serena Williams is to be exonerated because of a precedent.

The bleeding heart media is calling the cartoon “coon caricature”, a cartoon genre created in the early 20th century that took pleasure in depicting blacks as lazy, easily frightened, chronically idle, inarticulate cry babies.

The liberal media and celebrities (specially white literati) are up in arms. It is exactly this sort of over reaction over a simple, uncomplicated, hilarious cartoon that is pissing off the white nationalists in the western world.

Why are we losing our sense of humour?