Far-right Republican gun weirdo and politician, Michele Fiore (third from left) with her family. The image was from her 2015 Christmas Card to her constituents.

The three babies in arms don’t have their own guns, the poor dears – what a travesty.


St Matthew, before he became an Apostle, had been known as Levi, one of the Roman Emperor Tiberius’s many tax collectors who regularly had hapless inhabitants of conquered Roman province of Judea thrown into dungeons if they didn’t pay their taxes on time.

The word ‘levy’ (for taxes) might have been derived from him, but don’t take my words to the bank. Never take my words to the bank. Remember what the header on my blog says.

Getting back to Levi, when he heard Jesus speak one day, he was so moved that he turned into one of the prophet’s closest aides. He changed his name to Matthew, renounced all his ill-gotten gains and began following the prophet around, taking notes that later became ‘Gospel according to Matthew’ in the New Testament. Here’s an excerpt that is perhaps the most ridiculous of all Bible quotes…….

“It hath been said, ‘An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth’. But I say unto thee, whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other one also. And if any man shall sue thee at the law and take away thy coat, let him have thy cloak too….” (5:38-40)

That was Jesus exhorting his followers to not only refrain from revenge and retaliation against their oppressors but to go even further and actually abbett the persecution by looking at it as something that needed to be fueled with encouragement.

In almost the same breath, in another part of this most incomprehensible document that we know as the Bible one of Jesus’ closest apostles, St.Paul, commands his followers to do this…..Samuel 15:3: The Lord Almighty says … ‘Now go and strike Amalek and devote to destruction all that they have. Do not spare them, but kill both man and woman, child and infant, ox and sheep, camel and donkey.’

To put this in context, the Amalekites were sworn enemies of the Israelites. I have no idea what they did to the Israelites, but the Jews hated them, period. And we know what happens to those whom the Israeli Jews happen to hate, don’t we? So here was the Christian God, clearly not acting as God of everybody but taking sides and actually directing his “chosen” to commit genocide.

Turn the other cheek or kill their infants? And while the so-called “faithful” are vascillating from one extreme to the other, their God is sitting somewhere up there and having a belly laugh at the mind fuck called Christianity that he has orchestrated.

I swear if I bump into Angel Gabriel on a mountain top, I’ll tell him to shut the fuck up.


Wannabe American politician, Michele Fiore and her family must hate this guy called Jesus, since he stood for everything that they loathe. Can you imagine folks like the Fiores turning the other cheek or giving away their cloaks?  In fact, it sure is hard for me to believe that such a family can even exist in America. But yes, the Fiores are actually a living breathing American family, exercising their “2nd Amendment” rights.

Now, to the sane among you who will want to ask what the fuck is the 2nd Amendment, it is an amendment to the American Constitution that is interpretted very conveniently as bestowing every American citizen the right to ‘bear’ arms, when it actually does not.

If you are in the company of a Republican (specially someone from the ‘heartland’) for more than 60 seconds, chances are high you will hear the terms “2nd Amendment” or “Founding Fathers” thrown around quite a bit, aside from frequent references to Jesus. Open an American TV Channel and someone is sure to be talking about how the right to bear arms is “enshrined” in the “2nd Amendment” by our “Founding Fathers”. In no other country on this planet do ordinary citizens mouth references to their constitutions with such frequency.

Michele Fiore and her ilk love these terms of course. Like many of her fellow gun crazies, Michele Fiore believes that mass shootings (now regular weekly events in America) are caused by psychotropic drugs. Mass shooters are, to her, just deranged folks with guns who can only be stopped by good folks with guns.


Michele’s 2016 “Walk the 2nd Amendment” Calendar, a wall hanging featuring pinup-style portraits of her with a different weapon for each month, from a Mossberg 590 for January (“self-defense awareness month”), to a SCAR (Special Ops combat AR) for June (“Campus Safety Month”).


Since the printing of her 2016 calendar, Michele seems to have put on a bit of weight. And moved into a bordello (judging by the gaudy pink everywhere).


Her calendar and Christmas card gained Fiore so much notoriety that she had no difficulty gaining a membership of the Las Vegas Republican City Council. She is now Mayor ‘pro tem’ of Las Vegas and says her next step is running for congress. Yes, in America it works. Donald Trump and Ben Carson are living breathing signs that the more outrageous a lowlife looney you are, the more are your chances of getting elected there.

In 2013, Fiore sponsored a bill in the state assembly, which would allow students and teachers to carry concealed firearms on college campuses, grade schools and day care facilities. It would even allow folks to walk into airports with concealed guns on their person. In an interview with The New York Times, she is quoted saying, “If those hot young girls on campus have a firearm, I wonder how many men will want to stick their fingers up their panties. The assaults that are occurring today will stop once a few of these sexual predators get a bullet in their head.”

Fiore is confident that her bill will gain support and eventually become law. “This bill is for the good guys that are abiding by the law, being put in dangerous situations where we can’t defend ourselves,” she says.

If being a gun nut who has an atrocious taste for wall paint colors was the only idiosyncracy Michele Fiore had in her veins, I wouldn’t bother writing this post. I would just call her a wierdo and leave it at that. But more importantly, she also happens to be a corrupt self-dealing politician who is actually in there, like all other Republicans, for the money.

Besides her official duties, Fiore also owns and operates a home health care business, named ‘Always there 4 U, Llc.’ and has her own radio show where she once infamously proclaimed that cancer is not a cell mutation, as conventional science believes, but a ‘fungus’ that can be flushed out of the body with sodium bicarbonate.

A weirdo can still be considered a palatable person if that person at least didn’t break the law, but this lady cannot help herself. In 2014, she and her business faced $1 million in fines involving unpaid taxes. She simply forgot to deposit employee payroll taxes with the state exchequer. And guess what? Michelle Fiore was the majority leader and chairwoman of the Nevada State Assembly Taxation Committee!

Being an Indian by birth and having come from a country that boasts having 36% of it’s elected officials who are members of organized crime and scam artists, I am so heartened to see the beacon of the free world having it’s own share of redneck kooks who fill other folks with disgust.

Way to go, America, thank you for bolstering an Indian’s sense of self-worth.