Coveting thy neighbor (Part-4)


At 2am EST, November 9th 2016, the most successful subversion operation in history came to an end.

Events progressed swiftly thereafter. First came the tying of loose ends at both sides. In Russia, three men vanished without a trace. The first, General Sergei Mikhailov, Deputy Director (IT Security Center) of the FSB, was in the middle of a meeting in his 15th floor office when two burly men barged in and grabbed him. They slipped a black hood over his head, dragged him down the stairs to a waiting black Lada Kalina and drove off.

The second man was also an FSB officer, a recent recruit named Dmitry Dokuchaev, a former hacker who had wreaked the havoc that shut down Barclays and Standard Chartered. For a period of six months, starting April 2016, his hacker call sign ‘Forb’ drew shivers through the financial institutions that thronged London’s Lombard Street. Dokuchaev had orchestrated the hacking of the email account of Hillary Clinton’s campaign chair – John Podesta, whom the emails had revealed to be a slimy toad of a man who had it coming for a long long time.

The third man to disappear off the face of the earth was 30-year old Ruslan Stoyanov, Incident Response Chief at one of the world’s largest internet security firms, Kapersky Lab. Some time in May 2016, he had at the behest of the FSB, hacked into the email system of the Democratic National Committee, at it’s South Capitol Street headquarters, Washington DC and revealed the vicious duplicity of the DNC head – a perfidious, back stabbing woman by the name of Debbie Wasserman Shultz. In the world of cyber security, Ruslan Stoyanov was revered and went by the moniker ‘Guccifer 2.0′.

On the other end, the hack and the choice of targets were coordinated by a man named Paul Manafort, a smooth talker who had been thrust upon the then candidate Trump as his campaign manager, by the Kremlin. The recruitment of Manafort had been orchestrated through a shadowy figure named Sergey Mikhailov who was rumored to be the head of Russia’s largest organized crime syndicate, Solntsevskaya Bratva. Manafort knew too much and had to go and he did, soon as the hacking operation was wound down in the fall of 2016 and his services were no longer needed.

No traces can be found of any of the above gentlemen. Not that anybody is shedding a tear over them.


Meanwhile, the gradual annexation of North America went into Phase-2. Wall Street shut down in the fall of 2018, as the big three – JP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs and Bank of America Merill Lynch moved their assets to St. Petersberg, where they merged with the 61% Russian state-owned Vneshtorgbank, which on paper was run by a man named Igor Storsky, who used to be Vladimir Putin’s hairdresser in the 1990s.

The merger formed a new behemoth named Bank Bol’shoy Rossii with combined assets in excess of $ 6.7 trillion. After the merger, the Russian government’s stake in the Bol’shoy Rossii was reported to have reached 89%, the other 11% being personally held by the barber himself.

It didn’t take long for the other three Wall street giants, Morgan Stanley, Citigroup and Wells Fargo to down their shutters and move to Moscow, where another Putin henchman marshaled them into yet another merger, this one with the giant Moscow-based Sperbank Rossii.

Within two years of the inauguration of Donald J.Trump, the American economy had shrunk 80%, leading to a free fall in the value of the American dollar, so that by the spring of 2019 America’s per capita GDP stood somewhere between the western African dictatorship, Gabon and the eastern European dictatorship of Bulgaria. By that autumn the plunge in per capita GDP was expected to stabilize to a  few rungs below Iraq, at $16200.


President Trump was spared the hassle of having to explain to his redneck followers what went wrong. A few yards from Tiffany’s on 5th Avenue, in front of a dilapidated 58-storey structure that was once known as Trump Tower, stands a seedy memorial. The words emblazoned on the chipped white marble would not be recognizable to most of his minimally educated constituents since they are in Russian –  Дональд J.Trump, первый президент запада России (In Memoriam – Donald J.Trump, 1st President of Zapad Rossii).

The monument appears decrepit, uncared for. Trump’s is a sad story. A year after his inauguration, rumors began to swirl about a raging affair between his Slovenian wife, Melania and the Capo-di-Tutti-Capi of Sochetanii Rossii, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. Slavic folks are after all, clannish.

Nothing gets done in Zapad Rossii these days, without Melania Knavs’ go-ahead. Sweet justice indeed, for the way the Trump children had marginalized her and her darling Baron. Knavs has picked a retired four-star General named Michael Flynn to be her Chief of Staff.

Just as folks are still scratching their heads over who killed JFK, nobody is sure how President Trump was whacked. Zapad Rossii’s only authorized news network, Breitbart, stated that a day before that ridiculous orange hair of his fell off, his body mysteriously turned blue and his lungs exploded, the President had been diagnosed with the galloping form of an exotic flesh-eating disease which the report said he must have contracted during his recent visit to Mexico.

One underground publication, Politico, however placed the cause of death as an assassination. The day prior to his death, the President had received a heavy-set visitor from Moscow. Politico identified the man with 80% certainty as one Igor Serechensky, an operative of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service, SVR, who had gained a level of notoriety within the world of intrigue that was second only to the Venezuelan assassin, Carlos. Igor Serechensky was rumored to be the man who emptied the little vial of Pu-210 into Russian ex-FSB officer, Alexander Litvinenko’s cup of tea in London, three years prior.


Nowadays, the entire area around Wall Street – from the Brooklyn Bridge in the north to State Drive in the south and from Broadway in the west to FDR Drive on the waterfront – bears a deserted look – a shell of it’s glory days. Wall Street itself is reduced to a wind-swept wilderness, with leaves blown helter skelter by stormy winds that treat the large buildings as the funnels of venturis.

There are not many billionaires left, their wealth now reduced to worthless pieces of paper. All the small auxiliary businesses in Manhattan, like restaurants and sidewalk fast food carts, are gone. Jeremiah Johnson, proprietor of WillyDogs, a once flourishing hotdog stand at Broadway and Pine that had billionaires for it’s lunchtime clientele, has moved to Salem to live at his grandmother’s chicken farm.

Bill Gates is miffed. Barely a millionaire now, he is now only the 5468th richest man in the world. But he is careful not to show he is miffed, since dissent is frowned upon and he cherishes being able to continue living. Of course it no longer matters what Gates or folks like him think anymore. All tech businesses have been consolidated under a single Russian umbrella company named Shaltay-Boltay, a Moscow-based organisation that is known elsewhere across the world as the hacking syndicate ‘Anonymous’.

At one time the future was in Information Technology and now it is in the hacking of it. Usernames and passwords have long become passé. Perhaps it is for the best, since no one has any money anymore.


Russia is now a nation of two parts – Vostoke Rossii (the original Russia in the east) and Zapad Rossii (West Russia, the erstwhile United States of America). The annexation of Canada into Zapad Rossii is in advanced stages of planning and slated to be completed by the fall of 2020. A new circum-polar air shuttle has been launched, with it’s HQ in Moscow, to catch the sudden rush of commuters. For whites, intra-national work permits are automatic.

The heads of the five New York mob families, as also the other major mob bosses all across Zapad Rossii, have long since been poured into the fast-setting concrete foundations of major new real estate properties that originally came up under a now defunct company named Trump Global. Anyone speaking Sicilian in Brooklyn is long dead. Anybody who says he’s  Castellammarese doesn’t exist in New York anymore. The Colombians, Cubans and the Vietnamese gangs have melted away. The FSB has taken over. Russian is now the official language of the burgeoning global drug trade.


In the east, Vladimir Putin has forged a strategic alliance with China’s Xi Jin Ping, leaving the rest of Asia outside of Russia, South Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, the Far East and Antarctica under China’s direct control and retaining the Americas, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, the Central Asian ‘stan’ republics and the Arctic under Russian hegemony.

Consequently, in a recent summit, Putin was rumored to have stated to President Xi that he had no position on a possible Chinese intrusion into sovereign Indian territory, beyond Aksai Chin and Arunachal Pradesh. Having already annexed Nepal, Bhutan and Sikkim, Chinese armored brigades rolled into Arunachal Pradesh, before spilling further into the northern provinces of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Bengal. The impoverished regions of central and eastern India and all along it’s eastern seaboard, India had been reeling under a decades long insurgency by Maoist rebels who called themselves Naxalites. These regions were a cakewalk for the Chinese invasion. On India’s western flank, China’s Pakistani quislings obliged by driving their ranger divisions and motorized artillery and armored brigades into Gujarat, Rajasthan, Punjab and Haryana.

It is said that the Indians fought fiercely. But it was all in vain. An initial estimate of the military and civilian casualties on the Indian side in the first week of the pincer assault was in 100,000s. In spite of having a stockpile of 180 nuclear warheads and bombs of 15-20 kiloton yield, India chose to fight back with conventional weapons.

The subjugation was complete when a crack team from the Chinese Airborne Special Forces unit, Leishen (Thundergod), stormed the India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi’s Race Course Road residence early in the morning of December 16, 2019. They were expecting the Indian leader to be hiding inside the underground bunker below the basement and they had brought along the explosives necessary to blast their way in, but he had chosen to remain seated in his study where they came upon him, his face calm and collected. While all the aides and servants were rounded up, one commando entered the study and put a single 9mm round from his silenced QCQ-05 between Modi’s eyes. The Prime Minister was dead before he could form the word ‘why?’ on his lips.

Soon as the dust settled, the Chinese Prime Minister, Le Kequiang, flew into New Delhi on the orders of President Xi and installed India’s second female leader, Mamata Bannerjee, turning a nation of a billion and a half souls into a satrapy.

According to a leaked report, the first words that President Xi spoke to the vain, puffed up Bannerjee on receiving her at his offices at the Zongnanhai a month later, were the only ones that his mentor, Chou-En-Lai, had taught him to say, years before…..……

’Hindi Chini Bhai Bhai’.