I try to be funny, I do. I try hard. It’s this innate desire to please, I guess, the yearning ta see that you have a darned good time on my page, that you’re happy. I would like to see my blog make you rich beyond your dreams but I know very little about money. I spend it so fast, I have no chance to get acquainted with it.

I find sex funny. At my age (60), I can only joke about it. Most of my posts on this page series have at least one reference to sex, therefore. If you are straight-laced and offended by frequent references to jigir migir (spunkybongese for sex), relax. I’m straight-laced too actually. In real life I wouldn’t dream of being inappropriate. No, actually I would dream of being inappropriate, I just wouldn’t actually be it.

Then again, I am a genius but please, don’t call me a genius in front of everybody. Call me funny if you like. I treasure funny more than genius. Geniuses are almost always ars—les in real life. Funny guys too can be jerks but at least they make you laf.

This nested group has pages that I hope you’ll find interesting. Just run your cursor over this icon (Giggles) on the main page and you’ll find a drop-down menu. Try any page. Sheer Nobel Literature Prize material, I tell you……

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