Being followed

Steven just started following me. Can I call you Steve? Yeah? Thanks, Steve. Hi! Smartest thing you ever did, joinin’ my blog, let me tell you. There’s so much enlightenment in here that this blog seems like it’s radioactive polonium. If you feel a tingle, its just alpha particles hittin’ ya. Just don’t let too many of those mothers hit you, that’s all.

You are follower number 34, Steve. What? Hey, relax, man. You have no idea how popular my blog really is. Mine is a ‘parallel blog’. Like they have parallel cinema. When folk step over to the ‘other’ side, like you did, they come upon my blog. Even Kim Jong-Un wants ta go parallel. Says he’s going ta follow me. Just as soon as he has this internet thing sorted out.

You are one of the early ones, Steve. You must be thinkin’ ‘Phew! I’m in. I just made it!’ Like those pairs who got into Noah’s Ark. Yes, Steve, my blog is Noah’s Ark. ‘xcept, my blog has more blondes than Noah’s Ark did. Heck, his ark could technically have had only one blonde female, unless he allowed same-sex couples in those days.

Thanks again, Steve.

Listen, you might be in, but the blondes are all mine. This is my ark. 😀

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