Sharia – another word for Barbaria


Men are in charge of women by [right of] what Allah has given one over the other and what they spend [for maintenance] from their wealth. So righteous women are devoutly obedient, guarding in [the husband’s] absence what Allah would have them guard. But those [wives] from whom you fear arrogance – [first] advise them; [then if they persist], forsake them in bed; and [finally], strike them. But if they repent and obey you once more, seek no means against them. Indeed, Allah is ever Exalted and Grand. – Al Nisa (women) Quran / Sura 4:34

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Arabia is just an anagram with a few letters missing. It is actually Barbaria.


And then there is rape. It isn’t funny. I should know. I am an Indian male, albeit living in the west. But like a sleep-walking Lady Macbeth, unable to wash the blood off her hands, screaming, “Out, damned spot!” no matter how much I try to see myself as civilized, I am still an Indian male. I was born to believe that women are supposed to be demure, with their ghunghats on. That it was okay to jeer at girls who smoked or drove cars or worked or wore jeans. Like Lady M’s hubby, I have killed many King Duncans in my mind.

But coming over to Canada has brought who I am and what I should be, into sharp focus. You must have noticed my outspokenness. You must wonder at it. It’s simple. Things are more focused when you are looking at something from the outside. Come on over and it’ll happen to you too. ‘Something wonderful’, like Dave Bowman says it in Arthur C. Clarke’s 2010-the year we made contact, no kidding.

But rape isn’t something that the law encourages or condones, in India. Sure it is a matter of mindset, but then so is it a problem even in western societies. Rape is an act that is condemned in no uncertain terms by all faiths, including Islam, which punishes rape with the harshest possible sentence – death. ‘This is civilization at it’s finest’, you say to yourself and you heave a sigh of contentment. Given how harsh you believe that Shariah Law is, from all the media reports that you read, you would think that the rapist’s ass was grass, in Islamic society. The despicable rapist gets what’s coming to him in Sharia Law, no?

Well, not really, no, he doesn’t. In Islam, it doesn’t work that way. The rapist is in fact one of the bulwarks of Middle-Eastern society. He is a part of the superstructure. He flourishes in a milieu that indirectly encourages rape to metamorphose into a fine art. It is a milieu which stops just short of opening a university degree course on how to rape and get away with it. Sure, the punishment for rape is death by stoning for the rapist, but like everything else in this culture, the guardians of it have left in there a macabre catch, which has reduced justice in the Islamic world to the level of an oxymoron.

It is brilliant – the catch that we know today as ‘Sharia Law’. It is so brilliant that the next time the Republicans in America win the Presidency and want a good spin specialist, I would recommend they hire a fanatical Mullah. He would be able to show them how to subjugate the black population, while still looking like they were warm and cuddly.

Shariah lays the entire blame for rape indirectly on the victim, by making it all but impossible for her to provide evidence of rape or any kind of sexual molestation or assault. DNA evidence is not admissible and the only acceptable form of proof is four witnesses who can testify having actually seen the assault take place simultaneously at the same place and the same time. Even a moron will know that there is no way this can happen unless there was some sort of an orgy going on and folks were around watching, with cellphone cameras handy. Oxymoronic? Oxy-idiotic is more likely.

The onus of providing that proof, you guessed it, is on the victim and if she cannot furnish it, it is anywhere between 80 to 100 lashes for her, with supple canes made from bamboo, seasoned in olive oil, that will tear her skin open and leave behind permanent nerve damage. Trust me, you wouldn’t want to bend over and get lashed in a Sharia court, unless you love living in an S&M paradise.

Hang on a minute – the lashes are for the first ‘false’ complaint. Usually after the 100 lashes any woman would be dissuaded from making any more complaints. That is, if she is still alive after the pain and humiliation of those lashes.

But if there is a woman who suffers repeated sexual assaults and does gather the courage to go through the process of complaint -> lack of evidence -> lashes a full four times, at the end of which she is unable to produce four independent witnesses, then she is deemed by the courts to be a habitual troublemaker and the sentence is death. Again, you guessed it – by stoning. If you are female and thinking of moving to Saudi Arabia, put my name in your next-of-kin list please. I’ll feel sorry for you, sure I will. But you are stupid and will get what is coming to you. I have no time on this blog, for morons.

There are in fact catches galore. Consider this little nugget –

It was the year 630AD and the Muslims had already conquered Mecca. Due north-east of Mecca, smack on an important trade route to Iraq, there lived the non-Islamic Bedouin tribe of Hawazin who were watching the rising Islamic tide and the bloodbath that the Prophet’s forces unleashed on anybody who stood in their way, in the name of Allah. The Hawazin feared for their own identity.

While the Hawazin were still in the process of fortifying themselves, the Prophet Mohammad sent out an expeditionary force of 12000 who massacred them and captured an enormous amount of ‘spoils’ – you guessed it again – Hawazin women.

It is a given that the things that you are entitled to as a victor in war, are yours to do what you wish with them. Like those no-bid contracts for oil extraction, to Exxon and their ilk, after the 2003 Iraq invasion.

But this was the 7th Century. The Arabs preferred p–ssy over petroleum then. Think of a bunch of horny Arabs in 630AD and when they see all those cowering women, their husbands slaughtered, what do you think comes to their minds the first thing? Where their wives had packed the prayer beads?

Horny but confused, at what was truly proper as per Islam, some of the closest companions of the Prophet were reluctant to have their way with female captives, in the presence of their men, albeit captive men. They turned to Allah’s chosen apostle and he in turn picked up the hotline.

At this point, Allah sent down what seemed like a very convenient constitutional amendment –  “…And also prohibited to you are all married women except those which your right hands possess. In 7th Century Arabic, the term ‘what your right hand possesses’ was meant for female captives and slaves, who were non-believers, regardless of their marital status. The Hawazin according to the Muslims, were non-believers. No guesses on what happened next, right?

The Prophet himself took one such captive as his own – Safiya Bint Huyayy, a Jewish woman whose husband had been killed by the Prophet’s forces in the Battle of Khaybar, a year earlier in AD629. However, one must give him credit for behaving in the most decent manner with her, marrying her ‘as soon as her menses had ended’. So, Safiyya ended up being one the Prophet’s 13 wives.

In essence, the Quran condemns only one kind of rape – of women who are free Muslims, already married to other free Muslims. Non-believers and non-Muslims, whether married or not, are fair game. There appears to be little ground for any misinterpretation, in the Quran, on this. The word ‘free’ is being repeated often in this piece. That is because, in Islam, it was a done thing to have slaves those days.

At least now the ISIS’s rape and enslaving of the Yazidi women shouldn’t come as surprise to you, should it? Hey, it’s all good to go, per the Quran, man.


While I won’t term it as a scourge, at least not yet, as long as the Muslim population in a country is below 2%, you’re safe. Call it a thumb rule.

If the number of Muslims goes beyond the 2% figure, up to say 5%, they’ll begin proselytizing. Beyond 5%, they will push for stuff like halal food joints that serve meat that has been slaughtered a certain way, in spite of medical science confirming that there is no medical basis to halal meat being any better than regular meat. They’ll start their own supermarkets and stuff. That’s okay, doesn’t bother you a bit. After all, far as you’re concerned, you don’t give a rat’s ass if the meat you eat is halal or it isn’t. It tastes the same, it is the same. God created both when they had life.

When Muslims approach 10% of the population, you’ll have non-Muslim politicians, crooked SOBs all, scrambling not to offend Muslim sensibilities. A whole family shunned by neighbors? A woman beaten unconscious by her husband, for the sake of honor? Daughters drowned in the bathtub, again, for the sake of honor? A girl killed by her elder relatives for having a boyfriend – you guessed it – for the sake of honor? They are all likely to be hushed up. It is a community thing, the cop on the beat shall be told by his superiors. ‘The community shall sort out the matter’.

It is when the number reaches 20% that Muslim neighborhoods will pop up, like ghettos. Live near them and you’ll be fair game in times of sectarian strife. You have to maybe think of moving away, to safer and more cosmopolitan places.

Beyond 20%, you are looking at rioting, armed roving militia, church burnings and synagogue burnings, Muslim preachers on their pulpits on Fridays, screaming fatwas by the dozen and you can’t do jackshit about it. You’re living inside a democracy, remember? But don’t worry, you’re still safe, as long as you can live with a mosque at every street corner, blaring unintelligible gibberish over loudspeakers, day and night.

Over 50%, it may be time for you to maybe seriously think of converting, unless you don’t mind being shot for not paying jizya. Yes, jizya is like a tax that non-Muslim minorities have to pay in order to be left alone. Al Capone simply called it ‘protection’.

Beyond 60%, we are now in ethnic cleansing territory. You really should think of splitting now, especially if you are female.

At 75%, we go back to where I asked you to make me your next-of-kin.

90%? Please, I don’t even want to think about what will happen to you when 9 out of 10 folks in your nation are Muslim.


I’ll leave you with this tiny incident that a colleague endured. This was in the late 1980s, in a 99.95% Muslim nation – Saudi Arabia. My colleague had taken a flight to Saudi Arabia on work. At Jeddah, the customs officer pulled out a small framed image of the Hindu Goddess Laxmi that my colleague always carried with him and prayed to, nights, in his hotel room. As he watched, the customs official dismantled the frame, took out a pair of scissors and cut out the outline of the image, chucked it into the garbage bin and returned the empty frame to my dumbstruck colleague without a word, or an apology or even an a regretful expression.

My colleague felt insulted but there was nothing he could do. He needed the job. He acquiesced. He fed into the evil.