Which comes first – allegiance to your country or your religion?


Self-styled Salafist cleric and Canadian citizen, Jamaican born Dr. Bilal Phillips, with his penguins. This gentleman’s Canadian passport should immediately be rescinded and he should be set afloat on an ice floe off Baffin Island. And yes, he should take his penguins with him (Photo source: Wikimedia) 

The words ‘Muslim’ and ‘cleric’, when spoken in the same breath, attain a level of toxicity that by default, sends a shudder through the body.

Born Dennis Bradley Phillips in Jamaica and converted to Islam at some point in time, Abu Ameena Phillips, affectionately called Bilal Phillips by his followers, is one such shudder producing cleric. Somewhere along, he gained a PhD, though in what, please don’t ask. Remote detonation protocol perhaps? We have just been shown an Iwatch. Maybe Dr Phillips worked on Ibelts?

This gent had been nabbed in the Phillipines last week and charged with recruiting and inciting people to commit terrorist acts. Being Canadian, he was swiftly deported to Canada. And the bleeding heart capital of the world, Canada, took him in.

Now, having pranced back into Canada, the good doctor is the picture of righteous indignation, giving interviews in which he spews venom at the Philippines authorities. This is in spite of the fact that the Phillipines security agencies acted upon an Interpol red alert against this dude, for his role as an unindicted co-conspirator in the 1993 World Trade Center bombings in New York, a fact that Phillips himself admits.

This is certainly a piece of work. Here are some of his cringe producing quotes…….

On the legitimacy of suicide bombing……..”When you look at the mind of the suicide bomber, it is a different intention altogether … The [enemy] is too heavily armed, so the only other option the jihadis have is to try to get someone among them to blow themselves up in order to save the lives of their comrades. So this is not really considered to be suicide in the true sense. This is a military action and human lives are sacrificed in that military action. This is really the bottom line and that is how we should look at it.”

On preaching the death penalty for adultery and homosexuality….. “I am not informing anybody of what they don’t know. If you take any Muslim off the street and if you ask him about adultery and homosexuality, he is clear. He knows it’s forbidden. He knows it’s punishable in Islamic law with the death penalty.”

On allegiance to and the practice of Islam….. “ Islam supersedes everything else. Our message says to people, be Muslim first. You are Muslim before you are Canadian. This is your faith. You are Muslim first and you are Canadian second. Western countries want religion to be subordinate to nationality. We are saying no, we are Muslim by choice and we are Canadian by accident.”

On women’s rights…..”In Islam, there is no such thing as rape, in marriage. A woman is obliged to give herself to her husband as a part of her sacred duty and the husband cannot be charged with rape if he forces himself upon her when she refuses.”

The good Dr Phillips is now based in Qatar where he runs the Islamic Online University, a website that gives free lessons in a particularly virulent strain of Islam known as Salafism, the same kind of Islam that the tumor known as the Islamic State, lives by. Why in the effin’ hell, he cannot go live in Qatar, is puzzling. Do we need guys like this in our midst? Most definitely not.

Be that as it may, the concept of ‘religious identity first’ is one that Muslims are not the only warped minds to believe in. The Jews have taken this to even greater heights.

Almost every Jew anywhere in the world is nothing but a sleeper agent for the Mossad, ready to do his bit voluntarily without compensation. He considers helping Israel a sacred duty even when it could be against the interests of the nation of his birth.

All over the world, there are thousands of Sayanim, as these robotic faithful are known. The Mossad might gloat that they are the most effective espionage agency in the world but had it not been for the humint (human intelligence) that its legions of Sayanim provide, the Mossad would be an abject failure.


Most of those spectacular Mossad operations have owed their successes to the Sayanim. The state of readiness of Saddam Hussein’s nuclear reactor inside a French factory in 1980-81, was monitored and updated to the Mossad by Sayanim. Later, on their signal, the facility was sabotaged with explosives, by the Israeli agents.

Around the same time, a visiting Iraqi nuclear scientist at the French facility was befriended and murdered by the Mossad. Prior to the killing, his movements and habits had been monitored for weeks by the Sayanim who kept tabs on him.

The killing of Yasser Arafat is suspected to be the work of Sayanim, Israeli pharmacists, who were given Polonium210-laced heart medication by the Mossad to replace the genuine UN-facilitated originals that Arafat regularly got delivered to him through one of the check-points outside his Ramalla compound.

The infamous analyst for the US Naval Intelligence, Jonathan Pollard, started off as a Sayanim, ready to do his ‘patriotic’ bit for Israel, but he got greedy when he realized he could sell his information to others as well, for the big bucks. Besides the Mossad, he ended up selling top secret information to a man in the early 80s who had led him to believe he was a Jewish South African diplomat who was concerned about all those Arab neighbors of Israel who were trying to establish intelligence operations in the US.

Pollard’s South African money-bags was what he claimed to be, a bonafide diplomat, but the only problem was that the guy was also a Soviet spy, a fact that Pollard had no clue about. Whatever information Pollard sold to the diplomat, went straight to the Soviets. The dumb bastard had been snagged by the Soviets in what was known in espionage terms as a ‘false-flag’ operation. I read somewhere that Jonathan Pollard’s false-flag dupe has been fictionalised in Frederick Forsyth’s The fourth protocol.


Israeli Sayanim have many avatars. Here, they emerge as protesters demanding the release of Jonathan Pollard, a treacherous American citizen enjoying the quiet life complete with cable TV, news magazines and ping pong, inside a comfortable prison cell in the Butner Correctional Institution, a medium-security US Federal prison (Photo source:Wikimedia)  

Pollard is serving a life sentence but there are reports that he is being dangled by the Americans as a carrot to the Israelis to get them to be more reasonable in forthcoming peace talks with the Palestinians. Back-channel deals are being worked out whereby Pollard will relinquish his US citizenship and ‘be banished’ to Israel, where he is certain to receive an Abdelbaset al Magrehi-style hero’s welcome and a generous lifetime pension.

Who said treason does not pay?