Kuzkina Tetya


This is another unfinished novella that I have been working on. What can I tell you, my life is filled with unfinished stuff.

Take Scarlett Johanssen for example. Dating her is unfinished business. I haven’t met her yet. 😀

Kuzkina Tetya is based in a time when there was great animosity between the people’s Republic of China and the Soviet Union, even though both were communist nations.

During the Cold War and the arms race, the Americans and the Russians began testing hydrogen bombs that were increasingly destructive, both wantonly jumping into a deadly game of one-up-manship.

When the US exploded Castle Bravo, a 15 Megaton hydrogen bomb, the Soviet leader, Nikita Krushchev, derisively called it ‘Kuzka’, roughly translated in English as ‘pipsqueak’. He promised to show the Americans ‘Kuzkina Mat‘, meaning literally, ‘Kuzka’s mother’.

‘Kuzka’s mother’ turned out to be a 55 Megaton monster bomb whose blast shock wave traveled seven times round the world and behaved like a high-energy earthquake that measured 7+ on the Richter scale, even 300 miles away.

This nested group of pages is a ‘what-if’ on a fictional war between the USSR and China during that period. To access the episodes, just hover your cursor over the Kuzkina Tetya icon on top of the screen…..


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