Of mountains

There’s no adventure in my life anymore. No risk taking, no cornices to hang for dear life from. No goose pimples from engaging in things that are taboo. (At my age it’s becoming more and more difficult to engage in the taboo stuff). One of the things I definitely missed out on was mountaineering.  Long as I can remember, mountaineering has always held me captivated. Base camps and bollards, crags and crampons, wind chills and wolf moons, jagged outcrops and gulleys, drop-offs and sheer cliffs, crevasses and cairns, belayers and belay slaves, ledges and corniches. And abominable snow women. Did I say snow women? There, see? Mountains can make you hallucinate even if you aren’t on them.

This nested group has pages that I hope you’ll find interesting. Just run your cursor over this icon (Of mountains) on the main page and you’ll find a drop-down menu. Try any page. Sheer Nobel Literature Prize material, I tell you……

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