Randomly accessed memories

The kid

Looking back, these sixty years have been eventful. The first two or three of course I didn’t know any better. My mother said I was cute then. Everybody wanted ta cuddle me, especially my female elder cousins and aunts.

I was one big cuddle-fest, being passed around, like a chillum of marijuana, from cousin to cousin and aunt to aunt who billed and cooed over me. I had multiple female hands on me and it never did nothing to me. What a schmuck I was then.

But like I said, I didn’t know any better. I used ta be actually irritated when women cuddled me too much back then. If you’ve been cute like I was, you’ll know what I’m talking about. And now? I look scary. Manic eyes, beer belly, gross, lascivious, wanton. No, forget the wanton, it sounds like a f—in’ soup.

At primary school too I was still cute as hell. I recall the girls in the higher secondary dragging me behind the gym at school and feeling me up, especially my richard. And giggling. I never felt anything then either. In fact I was terrified. There was this sardaran, a huge sikh girl named Mona twice my size, who would get me alone and squeeze my testicles so hard I used to get sore.

Wouldn’t you have loved to be in my school? Of course you would.

Now listen, this is a set of nested pages where I bare certain parts of my life, incidents that may or may not have actually happened the way they have been described but, heck, this my blog…….


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