Sexie Folie

Sexie folie

There’s a sex shop I drive by every day when I am on my way home from work, on the 132. Over here you don’t say Highway-132, just 132, or one-thurry-too. I take the ‘twennie’, that’s Highway-20, on my way to work in the morning.

This store, called Sexie Folie, is on the one-thurry-too, St Constant and St Leonard. That’s another thing you learn in any French town. Most roads are named after saints. When I’m mayor, I’m going to name the street in front of the store ‘St Baobab’. Still another thing – over here you don’t say ‘at the junction of St Constant and St Leonard’, just ‘St. Constant and St. Leonard’.

Sexie Folie is French for ‘sex madness’. There it is. You can see it in the pic attached.  Sex stores are perfectly legal in Canada. I shop there once in a while. What? You won’t believe the age group I have seen going in there.

My first time in any sex shop was right here. I was so embarrassed to be seen inside I felt as if all eyes were on me and I wanted to just melt into the floor. As I slunk around the aisles, I noticed that it had just about everything that had anything to do with sex in it. DVDs, sex toys, lingerie, under garments, heels, leather-wear, you name it, the store had it.

I gradually loosened up when I noticed folk walking in and out as though it was just another store. Sexie Folie is manned by just one gorgeous young girl. She is always dressed in a revealing but not overtly vulgar dress. That sort of attire helps create the atmosphere and makes customers want to buy.

The girl, Lisa, works here part-time. Curiosity got the better of me and I struck up a conversation with her after I overheard her advising a male shopper on the right kind of vibrator to choose, from an array, some fluffy and cute and some absolutely frightening.

“Is she tight?” Lisa was asking the guy, a 60ish man in a baseball cap and jeans.

“Nah, my Stephanie is big as a barn. By that I don’t mean she ever let a horse in there,” the man said and they both, Lisa and the man, dissolved into peals of laughter.

Lisa is pursuing her Masters in Criminal Psychology in McGill and intends to join law enforcement, probably the RCMP’s Behavioral Sciences unit, the one responsible for investigating serial killings and violent, random crimes.

She told me she has never ever experienced being bothered by any customer. Just some giggly teenage boys and girls during the summer vacations. They left after she firmly asked them to. Entrance is restricted to 18+, by law. Sex here is conveyed and treated like something that is normal in a matter-of-fact manner. It is normal to find couples browsing through the DVD shelves together or picking up and feeling the skin of a dildo or trying on lingerie. There is no bouncer keeping an eye on customers or looking out for the counter girl. The thought of misbehaving just doesn’t cross anyone’s mind there.

The store was empty and we had been chatting for a while when I realized it was almost 5, closing time. I picked up my purchase, a DVD, from the counter and made to leave. The DVD was titled ‘Debbie goes to college’ and the cover showed nothing that reflected an educational environment that was certified by the board of education.

As I was leaving, I saw a young man in a suit and crew cut, rapping against the plate glass show window.  He had a toddler by the hand and the kid had his arm wrapped round the man’s thigh.

“Someone is trying to draw your attention,” I said to the girl, gesturing toward the window.

“Oh, that’s my boyfriend and our little Jeremy. We’re taking him to Toy Story-2.” She had a big smile as she blew a kiss in the general direction of the window.

Do you think Sexie Folie can open up a branch in Mumbai?


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