The daily 20-minute charm ride

Her voice has so many dimensions to it. At times, she sounds halting, like she is a bit unsure of herself, with lots of ‘ummm…’ ‘..ahhh…’ sprinkled within. Other times it sounds fragile, as if she has just been woken up and I imagine her stretching and purring,’ what time is it?’

The thing that I love most about her voice is that easy, lazy drawl, the way she rolls some of the words. For example, she doesn’t say ‘internet’. She makes it sound like ‘innernet’. ‘Kind of’ or ‘kinda’ from her, sounds like ‘kina’. And of course there are all those ‘ummms..’ and ‘ahhs…’ between sentences that, on anyone else, would irritate the listener but from Sarah, they sound so cool. There are no rough edges, just this wonderfully laid-back style.

Sometimes, she seems to lose the thread while she is speaking and she appears to shuffle through her papers with a ,” I have it here somewhere…” and a nervous sigh that dissolves into a most endearing giggle. The last time it happened, seconds were ticking away and the host of the show had to rescue her, saying,” You mean that the consensus was that Harper was being insensitive to the plight of the aboriginals….”

Her name is Sarah Levet (maybe Levit, I might have got the spelling wrong since I have only heard it being spoken by the host) and she has this 20-minute spot on CBC Radio Daybreak Show around 5.40am while I am driving to work, when she comes on and presents an analysis of the day’s newspaper headlines jointly with the host of the show. And then she is gone at around 5.56, just before the 6 o’clock news, as I am passing the Molson brewery or if I am early, I might be getting on to the ramp leading to the Jacques Cartier bridge southbound.

Her voice is neither husky nor is it sexy and definitely not distracting. In fact a male colleague who also drives in listening to CBC Daybreak every day has never even noticed Sarah, let alone comment on her voice. Afterwards I asked three male and two female colleagues. They all have a very positive opinion of Sarah’s presentation of the headlines but about her voice there was no particular opinion from any of them. Only one (female, by the way!) said she found Sarah’s voice ‘interesting’.

It is just me then, I guess. Ever since I heard her voice, CBC’s Daybreak show has livened up my morning drive. I called CBC this morning to find out how I could access recordings of shows. I told the gentleman who answered the phone I am a blogger and reviewer (which I really am) and that I had decided to do a review of voices on radio. I mentioned ‘voices’, instead of one particular voice because I didn’t want him to think I was a Sarah Levet stalker or something.

The good man on the line gave me a URL. And then I paused and I decided to play this game with myself. I won’t google her and I won’t try to look her up. I will try to visualize her from the effect her lovely voice has on my senses.

Sarah Levet is probably in her late 20s or early 30s, has maybe hazel to dark eyes, curly short hair, very little make-up and the serious strained look of someone who has seen more pain than most. She is probably not very physically attractive but, heck, who needs looks when she has a voice like that?

And deep within? I believe she is a lovely person, warm, kind and generous and dutiful. Whoever Sarah is, whether my assessment is right or wrong, I wish her many more years on the Daybreak Show.

I would upload a clipping of her voice if it exists in the URL that the kind gentleman at CBC gave me over the phone but I won’t. Millions might be listening to her every morning but I think she is a private sort of person and probably won’t appreciate some stranger uploading her voice and all. If any of you, my readers, happen to know this young lady, don’t tell me please. It is better if it stays this way.

Thanks, Sarah, for livening up an old man’s mornings with your dreamy drawl!

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