The Hunt for Zorba (Part-1)


This is the Canadian Tundra and here September is late fall. Your Casio Rangeman says its 2pm and the temp is -20 with wind chill. By the end of November it will have crossed -50. You have been outside the shack two hours and already the tips of your fingers and toes are numb and you are beginning to lose feeling in your feet, even with all your fancy gear on. That is a sign that you don’t have much time left, before you have to get back inside the truck, which is of course idling.

You are 20 miles south of Whapmagoostui, a Cree (North American Indian tribe) village (population : 20), at the edge of James Bay, the little spit of water which makes the 500,000 sq.mile Hudson Bay look like it is sticking its tongue out at the rest of Canada.

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The Hunt for Zorba (Part-1)